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Tooth Cap vs. Crown: Things You Need to Know

When it comes to dental restorations, the two most common terms are dental crowns and dental caps. These two are used interchangeably, but there are differences between the two. Before you go for a dental procedure, you must understand the difference between dental crowns and caps. However, both the terms seem similar but have differences that can impact oral health. So you must know about the two in detail. For many long times, dental crowns were referred to as caps, and even today, people get confused about the two as older people use caps for crowns as well. Let us explain the difference between the two to clear all doubts between dental crowns and tooth caps.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a most preferred restorative dental procedure that entirely encases a damaged or decayed tooth. It is a protective covering generally made of metal alloys, porcelain, or both. The main aim of the dental crown is to strengthen the tooth, help restore its shape, and enhance its overall appearance. A crown is for a treatment of a cracked or else a damaged tooth and for a severe tooth decay and is used to cover dental implants. Among all, porcelain is the most preferred choice for patients because of its ability to color-match your natural teeth. However, there are numerous types of dental crowns, such as porcelain crowns, gold crowns, silver crowns, porcelain fused , metal crowns, as well as ceramic crowns. The process of dental crows is simple, and you can get it done within two visits to your dentist. The dentist will first evaluate and examine and then prepare the affected tooth by removing prior old fillings or decayed tooth; after that, he will shape the tooth to ensure it can fix the crown properly, for the dentist may take your tooth’s impression and send it to the lab. Your next visit will be when your custom-made crown is ready, and they will place it in your mouth. This way, your damaged teeth will be restored and protected from further damage.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental crowns

Advantages :

  • It involves less tooth structure removal
  • The crowns are less expensive
  • Crowns provide solutions for a broader range of dental issues

Disadvantages :

  • A crown covers less area
  •  It is less intense than dental caps

What is a tooth cap?

On the other hand, a tooth cap is similar to dental crowns, but it covers only a portion of the tooth surface instead of the entire structure. Dentists use the tooth cap to treat fractures in molars and premolars, tooth decay, tooth trauma and tooth sensitivity. Tooth caps are mainly made of porcelain and can be easily custom-made to match the natural tooth color. It is one of the most durable options for tooth decay but you need to maintain tooth caps for years. Also, from metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal to all-ceramic and resin, there are many tooth cap types from which you can choose. The tooth caps procedure is different from the dental crowns. The procedure starts when your dentist examines your tooth and then prepares the tooth for the cap by removing any decayed tissues. They will then shape your tooth appropriately so that the cap is paid properly. After that, they may take an impression of the damaged tooth to send it to the laboratory for fabrication, and when ready, they will fix the permanent molar cap and ensure that comments enter the mouth.

Advantages and disadvantages of tooth cap

Advantages :

  • Dental caps cover more parts, offering better stability and support.
  • Caps are better in terms of durability and are an effective cleaning solution. They can be used to repair damaged teeth.

Disadvantages :

  • The preparation of teeth can require more tooth structure removal.
  • Caps are more expensive
  • Caps are not suitable for all dental issues.

The main differences between the two Dental crowns and dental caps

The similarities between dental crowns and tooth caps are that both are referred to as tooth caps and are tooth-shaped restorations made of natural tooth-color material, porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin. Both are tooth restorations custom-made to match the colour shade of your teeth, so once placed, they blend in easily with your smile and offer a natural look. There are similarities, but both are often different in many ways. It is necessary to understand that dental crowns are made to cover the visible portion of the affected tooth as they will mend the portion over the gum line, offering more protection and support to weakened and damaged parts. Differences to understand are :

  • Dental caps cover a portion of the damaged tooth but do not fully cover it, which makes root canal caps the best option for covering only one side of the damaged tooth.
  • The materials used for caps and crowns are the same as ceramic, pixel, or gold alloy, but their restorative purposes differ. One provides comprehensive coverage, and the other offers partial coverage.
  • If your dental cap is poorly fitted, your dentist can easily replace it with the one that fits best for you, but this cannot happen with a dental crown.

Reasons you need a dental crown or tooth cap

Getting a tooth cap or dental crown has many reasons, as both are used for:

  • Restore an already broken or severely damaged tooth.
  • Both hold a tooth in place with large dental fillings
  • Both cover a severely discoloured tooth.
  • Both cover teeth have undergone root canals.
  • Both cover a dental implant
  • Both are used for cosmetic dental modifications.

Choosing the best option Dental crowns and tooth caps

Both dental crowns and tooth caps share similar characteristics, but understanding the difference is vital to getting the ideal treatment and effective outcomes. While deciding which is the best option for your dental crowns and dental caps, it is vital to consult an expert dentist. The dentist will determine the best choice for you. The decisions may depend upon many factors, including the extent of damage, the aesthetic preferences, and the affected tooth location. Dentists will consider all these factors and recommend the most suitable option for you, ensuring a durable and pleasing one. Whether you need a dental crown or cap, the main objective is to preserve the damaged or decayed tooth and to enhance the health and appearance of the teeth; visit Orion Dental Clinic in South Delhi, one of the best dental clinics to make your informed decisions and to embark your journey to a more radiant and healthier smile. The centre provides complete dental and oral care solutions by certified dentist doctors and guarantees the success of treatments.


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