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Is it better to get a dental bridge or dental implants?

Losing permanent teeth can be a very disheartening experience for anybody. Teeth are essential for proper chewing and speaking properly. In addition, our teeth are the main component of our smile, and losing teeth can adversely affect confidence and self-esteem. But with recent advancements in science, people now have several alternatives for artificial teeth. The most common of these are dental bridges and dental implants.

Now the question comes, which is better for you? To get an answer to that question, you need to consult a dentist in Delhi from the best dental clinic in Delhi.
In this article, we will answer this question and talk about the procedure, pros, and cons of both dental implants and dental bridges.

Table of Contents

Feel free to skip ahead if one topic catches your eye:

  1. What is a Dental Implant?
  2. What is a Dental Bridge?
  3. Dental Bridge VS Implant
  4. Dental Implant or Bridge: Which one to choose?
  5. How much do Dental Implants and bridges cost?

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1. What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial structure that is placed inside the jaw bone by a dental surgeon. This is used as the root for a dental crown. A dental implant can be made of various materials, and based on that, it is of different types. A connecting piece called an abutment connects the dental implant and the crown.

Dental implants can be used for solitary missing teeth, groups of missing teeth, and also if all your teeth are missing. But these are most suitable when you have one or more teeth missing present in different locations of your oral cavity.

Several benefits of dental implants make them an excellent option for many people, such as: 

  • They are natural and more comfortable for people.
  • They have a very good success rate.
  • They prevent cavities from happening in neighboring teeth.
  • They lead to diminished sensitivity in neighboring teeth.
  • They are a long-term solution for your missing teeth. 
  • They do not need to be taken out for cleaning again and again. 
  • They provide the patient with a better chewing ability.

Having said all that, it is also essential to understand that dental implants are not suitable for all people.

  • Since dental implants have to be placed inside your jaw bone, you must have an intact and healthy jaw bone before the surgery. 
  • Dental implants can be costly. 
  • While dental implants last a long time, dental crowns can get damaged and need to be changed frequently, if not cared for properly.
  • Putting a dental implant requires surgery which can take 3 to 4 months to heal properly.
  • Dental implants can cause jaw bone damage.

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The exact dental implant procedure varies for different people depending on their condition. But a few basic steps are followed in every procedure, which includes:

  1. Your dentist will take X-Rays of your jaw to assess the location, bone integrity, exact shape and size of the dental implant required, and more. 
  2. A dental implant will be prepared for you according to your measurements. 
  3. During the implant surgery, you will be given local anesthesia to numb the area. The surgery will be performed, and the dental implant will be placed in. 
  4. After complete healing, abutment and dental crown are placed in the dental implant. 
  5. Depending on how many implants need to be placed, the exact surgery procedure will be decided by your dentist. 

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2. What is a Dental Bridge?

If you have one or more missing teeth, a dental bridge is a great option for you. It consists of a row of artificial teeth that are placed in the replacement of your missing teeth. Many different types of dental bridges exist but they all have two basic components. 

A dental bridge consists of two parts:

  1. Pontics or the artificial teeth
  2. Abutment teeth

Pontics or the artificial teeth

These are the artificial teeth that will replace your missing teeth.

Abutment teeth

These abutment teeth are present on both sides of the false teeth, which are artificial crowns placed on the dental bridge’s two neighboring teeth. 

Dental implants are the best choice for you if you have more than one missing tooth adjacent to each other. Then one dental bridge can cover the whole gap. 

Several benefits of dental bridges make them a very good choice for people, such as:

  • These restore your natural look or smile.
  • Help you speak properly.
  • Improves your chewing and biting.
  • It prevents the adjacent teeth from filling the gaps.

But there are certain disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

  • If the abutment teeth are damaged, the dental bridge will be compromised. 
  • Improper crowns can leave gaps and cause bacteria and plaque to get deposited there.
  • The abutment teeth can get weakened during the procedure.
  • If you do not have abutment teeth, dental implants may have to be used in their place. 

Dental bridge procedure

Dental Bridge can usually be completed in two visits. Your dentist will take images of your jaw and then send the measurements and other details to construct the abutment teeth and dental bridge. 

It will then be placed in your jaw and give you your natural smile.

3. Dental Bridge VS Implant

Both dental implants and bridges are good options for many people. But both these options have pros and cons, and you and your dentist need to choose the correct choice for you. 

Pros of Dental Bridges 

  • Usually, dental bridges do not need surgery like bone grafting, which is necessary for dental implants. 
  • A dental bridge is usually a cheaper option when compared to dental implants.
  • Replacing front teeth with a bridge is much easier than dental implants. 

Cons of Dental Bridges 

  • Dental bridges are not very long-lasting and may need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years.
  • They can lose their natural look because of damage and decay.
  • The teeth neighboring the dental bridges are at a higher risk for developing cavities.

Pros of Dental Implants 

  • Dental implants last a very long time and can be used for about 15 years.
  • These retain their natural-looking appearance for a longer time than dental bridges.
  • Dental implants are usually safer and do not damage the teeth around them.

Cons of Dental Implants 

  • This usually costs more when compared to dental bridges.
  • Dental implant surgery can have some risks and complications like bleeding, infection, and more.

4. Dental Implant or Bridge: Which one to choose? 

The choice between a dental implant or a dental bridge has to be collectively made by you and your dentist. You should consider different factors before choosing your option.

  • Cost
  • Number of missing teeth
  • Time of the procedure
  • Overall health


You need to consider your budget before choosing the right option. Dental implants in South Delhi are usually more expensive than a dental bridge. The cost of dental implant in Delhi will also depend on the number of missing teeth you have.

Number of missing teeth

Number and location of missing teeth is a very important consideration before choosing one option.

If you have one or more missing tooth, but in different locations, dental implants may be the right choice for you. 

If you have a number of adjacent teeth missing and have good abutment teeth, a dental bridge might be the right option for you.

Time of the procedure

A dental bridge can be installed in your jaw in 2 visits, while the dental implant procedure can take months to be completed.

Overall health

Since dental implants require significant surgery, you must be in overall good health to opt for this option. 

On the other hand, dental bridges do not require any major surgery. They can be done for people with conditions like diabetes, old age, and more.

5. How much do Dental Implants and bridges cost?

As mentioned above, dental implants are usually more expensive than dental bridges. 

Dental implants in South Delhi cost anywhere between INR 35,000 and INR 50,000. 

Dental bridge cost in Delhi can range anywhere between INR 10,000 and INR 20,000.

Take Away

This was a brief article explaining everything about dental implants and bridges, which will help you choose between them. If you have any further doubts, feel free to consult our dentist in Delhi at Orion, the best dental clinic in Delhi

At Orion, you’ll get the best suggestion and treatment as per your concern.