Painless Root Canal Specialist in Delhi

Endodontic therapy is a course of treatment meant for the “Pulp of a Tooth” or “Root Canals”, that ultimately eliminates the infection and protects your tooth/root from expected invasion.

Root Canal Treatment with the painless root canal specialist in Delhi comprises of removing the infected or irritated nerve tissue lying inside the root of the tooth. this infected pulp tissue is responsible for the occurrence of the abscess.

Step 1: The first step in a root canal is getting access to the chamber that has the nerve. This is done by making a small opening on the top of the tooth. It can be done under a local anesthetic agent. The length of the root canal is defined and the infected pulp is eliminated

Step 2: In the same visit, or during the next visit, the canal is reshaped, where your nerve is located and prepared to do a special root canal filling substance. The number of visits important for completing your root canal depends upon various factors like a number of nerves in the tooth, the state of infection, and the complications associated with the procedure.

Step 3: The last step in your root canal is sealing of the root canal with the help of a sterile, plastic material known as gutta-percha. This is for preventing the possible infections. If treated in an early stage, root canal therapy is quite comfortable. With the application of local anesthetics, the entire procedure becomes quite painless.


NOTE: when there is a chronic infection or abscess, there may be certain soreness associated with the root canal treatment. In this case, you are given certain instructions for following to reduce the discomfort. When an infection is already there, it might be essential to follow a course of antibiotic. If the pain is still present analgesics may come to your rescue. The tooth will then probably need a post, the core and a crown for re-establishing the normal form and function of the teeth. This decision though depends on several additional factors.

AN EXTRACTION IS ABSOLUTELY THE LAST RESORT! Previously, a badly infected tooth, or one being significantly decayed, was extracted no matter what. However, Today, the majority of these teeth can be restored with the help of Root Canal Therapy.