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Dental Implants in Delhi is the permanent solution for tooth replacement. It is the closest one can get to replacing teeth that look like natural.

Most people today do not want to go with a removable Denture option. Where they have to remove the teeth and place them in water. It is embarrassing. The dentures tend to become loose. It becomes difficult to eat with them after a while.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants, well-known as an endosseous implant is a surgical fixture. It is similar to a tooth root that interfaces with the bone of the jaw. It restores intraoral defects such as a crown, bridge, denture. Implants can act as an orthodontic anchor.

The dental implant is a biologic process known as osseointegration. It uses the metal titanium to bind tooth and bone beneath the gum line. Dental implants do not have to be anchored to other teeth. It benefits general oral health as well.

Dental Implant is a method of giving fixed teeth to a person. Titanium screws are used to place in the jaw. This is used to replace the root portion of a missing tooth. These screws known as dental implants. They are then attached to the crown to replace the full form. The titanium to be used for the fabrication of dental implants. It is biocompatible and accepted in the body.

Dental Implants in Delhi

Types of Dental Implants:

There are various types of dental implants in Delhi available today all of them boasting of superior technology and attachment system as well as a surface coating.

(A) Based on Surface Texture:

i. Smooth Dental Implants – The surface of the dental implant is smooth.

ii. Machined Dental Implants

The surface of the implant is machined grooves. But does not have and microscopic texturing.

iii. Acid Etched Dental Implants

The surface is machined grooves along with microscopic pores. These pores are produced on the surface for etching to allow for bone-in growth. This allows for more surface area for wetting of the surface. It helps in integration with the bone.

iv. Surface Coated Dental Implants

These implants have a surface coating. It uses Hydroxyapatite, Calcium Phosphate, Plasma Spraying. It may use on the surface of the implants along with grooves.  Which increases the surface area for the integration with the bone. All these help in the integration with the bone.

(B) Based on the Type of Material:

(i). Titanium– Used by most of the commercial implants in the market

(ii). Ceramic and Ceramic Coated

(iii). Polymers

(C) Based on the Number of Components Involved:

i. Single Piece –

The teeth placed at the same time as the implant placement. And these are only one piece as the name suggests.

ii. Two-Piece –

The implant has two portions; the implant and the abutment. The crowns are attached to the dental implants after the integration. It takes 3-4 months after the placement of the dental implants.

(D) Based on the Type of the Connection:

i. Internal Hex

ii. Tri channel

iii. Morse taper-

These are friction fit and cold weld between the implant and the abutment. They have good stabilization between the implant and the abutment Crown portion.

iv. Conical Connection-

A few chances of screw loosening of the abutment from the crown.

The implants used at Orion offer the best dental implants in Delhi. It makes surface coating for the integration of the dental implants with the bone. And great attachment with the abutment to prevent any screw loosening.

The number of dental implants methods are available today.


Why Dental Implants?

Tooth loss or edentulism is a common problem. It occurs when a tooth falls out due to some injury or disease. If left untreated, it can lead to further dental complications. Dental implantation brings back the self-esteem. And the confidence within you to smile. The implanted tooth feels and appears as a normal tooth. It will difficult to distinguish between the real and the prosthetic teeth. One should opt for implantation as:

  • The procedure makes it easier to eat and speak. A titanium post infused in the jaw which holds the implant.
  • The integration of implant and bone can support physical loads for decades.
  • It helps generate bone growth in the area around the implant and builds support.
  • It can alleviate the sunken look that can occur with bone loss in the jaw.
  • It helps avoid speech problems resulting from the gap created by missing teeth.

Around 95% of dental implant surgeries have given desirable results. They are the apt solution for missing teeth. A person of any age group can go for implants without harmful effects.


Benefits of Dental Implants in Delhi:

  • A dental implant is a reliable and safe technique.
  • Best dental implants in Delhi provides satisfaction to the patient. Satisfaction in terms of looks and aesthetics and function.
  • It’s a cost-effective technique by which one can get rid of missing teeth. It ends up saving more money in the long run.
  • The advantage of dental implants in Delhi is that you can feel like your natural teeth.

Some Causes of Non-Integration of the Implant –


(a) Poor bone quality and density.

(b) Cigarette smoking.

© History of periodontal disease.

(d) History of dental trauma.

(e) Excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching.


(a) Immunosuppression

(b) Severe diabetes

© Bisphosphonate therapy

The success rate depends on the healing potential of patient and bone quality. We provide the best dental implants in Delhi with the least failure rate. Early management of the risk factors results in a successful implant.


Dental Implants in Delhi

Steps of Dental Implants Surgery:


(A) Initial consultation-

An initial consultation starts to assess the requirement and needs of the patient. Doctor takes:

  1. Photographs
  2. X-rays
  3. Dental Models as records of the areas where implants are necessary.

The doctor starts Charting the patient’s dental condition. In this process, the quality of oral health to be assessed. Then preparation of treatment plans for the patients starts. After this, we provide an approximate plan for the treatment steps. So they can plan their appointment schedule. Then provides a treatment estimate for the cost of the treatment.

C.B.C.T –

Cone-beam volumetric analysis of the jaws is advisable for the patients. So that a detailed map of the bone quality and volume can be obtained.

(B) The detailed plan for the treatment :

The doctor completes the study of C.B.C.T. in detail. Then it is time to communicate the final treatment plan to the patient. It contains the size, number, and type of dental implants that need to place. Patients who want the treatment have to get an anesthetic evaluation. The patient has to take some medication 1 day before surgery.

(C) Surgery

Dental implant surgery carries under local anesthesia. New age medicines reduce the discomfort level to a minimum.

(D) Crowns on the implants –

Dental implant surgery carries under local anesthesia. New age medicines reduce the discomfort level to a minimum.

Orion provides invasive Dental implants in Delhi. Due to implants, a patient can restore a quality life. After surgery, the patient can leave the chair within a short period. This can lead to more patient satisfaction. And it simplifies the work of a dentist.


There are also some contraindications of dental implants such as:

  • A patient suffering from an immune disorder.
  • Periodontal disease should be under control before the dental implants.
  • Some disorders have contraindications for dental implants. These are Liver cirrhosis and the tendency to hemorrhage.
  • Endocrine disorders, smoking are the major risk factor for infections.
  • Dental implants are not beneficial for children below the age of 16. At this age, their bones are not in specific growth.
  • Orion Orthodontic Clinic locates in Greater  Kailash-1, Delhi. It provides complete dental care solutions. We take care of your dental health. We are having a skilled and qualified team of the dentist. Orion understands the concern about the cost of dental implants in Delhi. To resolve this, we have multiple payment options cash and digitally. The cost of dental implants in Delhi (Orion) may range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 45,000.
  • The Cost of full mouth dental implants in Delhi (single jaw) may vary between 1,50,000 to 4,50,000. Orion dental is on top of the best dental implants in Delhi. The techniques used at our clinic are worldwide performed by expert dentists.
  • Implants from Orion are best because of their high success rate.


Post Operative Instructions:

Dental implantation is a typical procedure. It involves the fusion of a titanium post with the jaw bone. The dental implantation surgeons of Delhi have expertise in this field. They have handled several such cases over the years. The dentist and his team analyze the site and follow the implant procedure. It may take two weeks to make a permanent crown which will be screwed to the implant. Cleaning of the implant with a Teflon instrument will be the next step. The dentist will explain to you some instructions to follow post-surgery :

  • Avoid contact with the implantation site at least on the day of surgery
  • Do not spit or rinse. You may start rinsing the day following the dental implant. Rinsing should be gentle with some warm salt water.
  • You may brush teeth, as usual, except near the surgical area.
    • It is normal to have some bleeding or redness in the mouth until 24 hours. In case of excessive bleeding, bite gauze pad placed on the wound for half an hour. In the worst scenario, consult the doctor.
    • Swelling around the mouth is obvious after surgery. To minimize, you can apply an ice pack on the cheek near the affected area. Applying ice as and when possible is advisable.
    • Drink lots of fluids but avoid consuming hot beverages.
    • You may start with non-abrasive foods such as mashed potatoes and pasta. You can eat cottage cheese, scrambled eggs as the local anesthetic wears off.
    • Take proper medications as prescribed.
    • Do not try to chew on the implanted sites.
    • You must floss once daily and brush your teeth 2-3 times a day after surgery.
    • Do not engage in exercise post-surgery. Avoid physical exertion as it may cause bleeding or throbbing.
    • Healing abutments will place at the time of placement. Once the stitches get dissolved, rinse the abutments and clean through gentle massage.
    • Do not use dentures or flippers for a couple of days after surgery.

Post Implant Care

  • It is important to take care of the implants once the dentist has fixed them. Good oral health habits and hygiene is a must for our well-being. Keep in mind the following points for oral care:
    • You should brush 2 times a day for good oral hygiene. Just as with natural teeth, implants, artificial teeth and gum tissues clean.
    • Select your toothbrush carefully. Brushes such as an interdental brush are designed to slide between teeth. They help the nooks and crannies around teeth, gums and metal posts.
    • Do not chew hard items such as ice and stiff candies. It can harm and break your crowns or even your natural teeth.
    • Avoid tooth-staining tobacco and other caffeine products.


    Besides, you should visit your dentist every six months for proper checkups. It ensures the health and proper functioning of your implants. Please Do follow the advice for professional cleanings.

Benefits of getting dental implants in Delhi:

  • Dental implants are a reliable technique that is safe in all patients.
  • It prevents the deterioration of jaw bone support.
  • It’s a cost-effective technique. By which one can get rid of missing teeth. It ends up saving more money in the long run.
  • During the placement of dental implants a patient experience less discomfort.
  • The surgical procedure reduces chair time, it saves the time of the patient.
  • Dental implants provide immediate satisfaction to the patient. It provides satisfaction in terms of looks and aesthetic restoration.
  • The advantage of dental implants is that you can feel like your natural teeth.

Artificial teeth can replace the damaged teeth without affecting the look. It does not affect speech and eating habits as well. They can restore the ability to chew and eat.

Along with all the benefits, a few risks are present with dental implants. Such as bleeding during and after implants, chances of an adjacent nerve. But benefits are more than the risks.

The success of dental implants depends on how well the risk factors will manage. The risk factors for dental issues can be local or systemic. Local includes poor bone quality and density. The main causes are smoking, periodontal disease, dental trauma, teeth grinding. Systemic includes Immunosuppression and Severe diabetes. The success rate depends on patient to patient. Failure of dental implants depends on a clinic to clinic. Orion provides the best dental implants in Delhi with the least failure rate. By early management of the risk factors resulting in successful implants.


What is the downside of Dental Implants?

Dental Implants carry surgical components that place in your jawbone. They help to replace teeth into a metal frame that positioned in the jawbone. It makes it easy the way for people to replace their teeth. Dental implants have many drawbacks which people ignore. Firstly, dental implants are expensive. They cost much more than a dental bridge or denture. They require a greater amount of financial investment. It is a much-complicated procedure than the others. They even require an investment in time. It takes around three to nine months for it to finish from start. It makes those people anxious who want instant results.

Implanting a surgical component inside teeth can be a little painful. It can cause mild soreness and bruise. With any surgery, there are some risks and complications to the patient. Sometimes, dental implants are not so successful because they get fractured. Sometimes they don’t integrate and have to remove.

Disclaimer - This Information is Indicative only. Please Consult Your Doctor.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Question – What does the dental implants in Delhi cost?

    The cost of dental implants in Delhi at Orion varies between 20,000 to 45,000. It depends upon the complexity of the case and bone quality.

    Question – What is the success rate of dental implants procedures?

    Dental implants are fairly predictable with a 96 to 98 % success rate.

    Question – Will dental implants be painful?

    Dental implants in Delhi at Orion adopt new-age anesthetics. So the pain component is minimal to none. During the dental implant placement, the patient does not feel any pain. But after the surgery for 3 – 5 days some painkillers may be necessary.


New Covid 19 protocols in place to prevent infection with Corona virus including history tracing , social distancing , gas sterilization, flat surface sterilization , oxygen saturation and temperature monitoring , physical barriers like head cap shoe covers gloves mask, pre procedural mouth rinse to reduce viral load, 4 to 6 air changes per hour using powerful exhaust and hepa air purifiers, PPE kits , reporstors. Patients are advised to wait in the car until the chair is free . Patients by appointment only.