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Keyhole implant in GK1 Delhi | Orion Dental Care

When you have got a dental implant after a long journey of ruminating about it. You are still frightened about surgical procedures which will take place during the placement process of an implant, or you are more concerned about the time during the complete process of an implant. So are you looking for any better alternative? Not to implant but to the procedure and to save your time?

Here we are bringing the best alternative procedure of an implant process which is a Keyhole dental implant. Orion dental care has advanced its technology and knowledge to ease the procedure and enhance comfort.

What is a keyhole dental implant?

The “KEYHOLE” aka the flapless strategy to place the dental implant is now an ordinary method in use.

The procedure of such dental implants does not need any deeper invasion like the traditional process, so it is also termed as the minimally invasive process of placement.

This method requires highly accurate techniques to bring about the easiest dental implant treatment and to secure the implant crown unharmed.

Why should you choose keyhole?

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure for placing dental implants.
  • The keyhole is a cost-effective method without compromising its results.
  • Keyhole is a time-effective and painless process.
  • The ideal candidate for a keyhole dental implant is one with adequate jawbone thickness and good health.
  • Procedure for keyhole dental implant
  • The area to be treated is locally anaesthetized to gain complete numbness for less pain and discomfort.
  • Without invading the soft tissues, they placed the keyhole dental implant with a minimally invasive approach.
  • The surgical area heals swiftly, restoring normal occlusal harmony.
  •  Once the implant area heals, it restrained the implant prosthesis over it.

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Why you should choose us?

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