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Immediate Implants in Greater Kailesh 1 (GK1) Delhi

Everyone wants to keep their biological teeth for a long time. However, loss of teeth is inevitable after a certain age, but if the tooth is severely damaged, the ultimate solution for it is extraction. It is more reliable than any other dental procedure among most patients.

According to the study, significant jawbone resorption may occur if the tooth is not replaced within time. It can create dental problems such as shifting of the adjacent tooth, and empty sockets.

To avoid such dental problems, the dentist suggests a tooth replacement and recent advances have made it possible to get the replacement on the day of the extraction, known as immediate implants. Orion Dental Care provides immediate dental implants in Greater Kailesh (GK1) at an affordable rate and with highly successful rates.

What are immediate dental implants?

An immediate implant consists of titanium posts and screws that are fixed into the underlying bone of the jaw in place of the extracted tooth. These implants fuse with the jawbone, assembling it as a part of the jaw. Unlike traditional implant procedures, which take almost a year to complete, the immediate implants are placed on the same day, followed by extraction.

Who is eligible for instant dental implants?

Like other treatments, immediate implants also have some limitations and criteria a patient should meet. The following criteria are as follows:

  • good overall and oral health
  • Non-smoker
  • Healthy jawbones and gum condition

Immediate dental implant surgery

The underlying procedures are involved in the process of immediate dental implants.

  • Initial appointment
  •  Placement of immediate implants.
  • Postoperative follow-ups.

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Cost of immediate dental implants

Dr Anupam Sinha provides affordable dental implant treatment without jeopardising the quality of the procedures. The average cost of a single implant is around Rs. 20,000 – 50,000.

The cost may vary depending on the

  • the complexity of the procedure
  • the number of implants
  • Location of the clinic
  • Experienced doctors

Why should you choose us?

We provide the affordable and highly successful treatment with advanced technology, good patient rapport, and care.

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