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Dental Braces Treatment in Delhi

You might feel that your teeth are not straight and are ruining your looks. Your crooked or misaligned teeth could also be the reason for an overbite and other functional problems. This is when you might take the help of an orthodontist who can suggest the right braces for your condition and give a new makeover to your smile by giving the best braces treatment in Delhi. Orthodontics is the branch of Dentistry where crooked, irregular, protruding teeth & jaws are corrected with the help of various fixed and/or removable appliances so that your smile looks better.

Why Should I Get Orthodontic Treatment Done?

Reasons for getting dental braces treatment

  • Beauty, confidence & presentation are the three important pillars for overall success. Having irregular & protruding teeth is not attractive and in today’s times and age having a perfect smile reflects upon your overall personality and gives you that extra edge over your contemporaries.
  • It becomes impossible to clean irregular & crooked teeth properly, as the result of which gums get infected and after some time teeth become loose & eventually they shed off.
  • Irregular teeth also result in the impairment of speech. These patients often are unable to pronounce several words clearly.
  • In certain cases due to irregular teeth, patients are unable to chew their food properly which may lead to many gastric & digestive problems.
  • These patients are more prone to associated diseases like tonsillitis and sinusitis.

Right age for starting orthodontic treatment?

Normally, the age between 7-14 years is considered best for the dental braces treatment in Delhi at Orion Dental Care, because of the maximum growth rate of jaw & skull bones. However, if the best orthodontist in Delhi is consulted at an earlier age, it might be possible to avoid fixed braces at all. So the best orthodontic treatment time is when you see this problem or anticipate it.

Best Orthodontist in Delhi

Do not miss visiting Orion Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in South Delhi. Here, Dr. Anupam Sinha, the best orthodontist in Delhi, is there to provide you with the beautiful smile that you probably lost and always wished to have back.

Dr. Sinha is a highly qualified and widely experienced orthodontist, with all his studies and training coming from the most prestigious institutes in India. He has excelled and won awards and medals for his brilliant and outstanding work.

Dr. Sinha has given smiles to thousands of his delighted patients with teeth braces because of his exceptional clinical acumen, high precision and attention to detail in his work, and empathetic attitude towards all his patients. He keeps himself updated with the latest technologies and applies them to his patients for maximum comfort, minimum time, and the highest quality of results. The latest braces technologies, like invisible braces, will provide you with delightful outcomes along with the most comfortable braces journey throughout.

He is all ears for his patients and understands their concerns and needs before planning a personalized treatment plan for them.

Cost of Dental Braces Treatment in Delhi?

At Orion dental clinic in Delhi, the duration and the cost of dental treatment may vary depending upon various factors such as the complexity and the developmental stage of the patient. Usually, it varies between 6 months to 1.5 years. The cost of dental treatment in Delhi also varies between Rs 25,000 to 40,000 depending upon the technique and the complexity of the treatment. The cost of dental treatment would increase for lingual or invisible braces or Invisalign treatment. The best braces treatment in Delhi at Orion also decides the cost of the treatment based on the complexity of the case. The fees at Orion dental braces treatment clinic in Delhi include material cost (i.e the cost of the braces) as well as the professional charges for the knowledge, experience, and skill of the orthodontist delhi. Considering the long-term, positive, physical and psychological benefits of orthodontic treatment, whatever spent on orthodontic treatment should be considered as a sound investment. Besides for best Orthodontic treatment in Delhi, you only have a pay.

Is Dental Braces Treatment in Delhi Only for Children & Adolescents?

20-25% of patients having fixed braces(Orthodontic Treatment) from our clinic are adults. Most of the people could not get proper braces treatment at their youth either due to the unawareness of their parents or other financial reasons. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment, the Orthodontist at the Delhi center, Dr. Anupam Sinha is treating many such adult patients provided that the teeth, gums & jawbones are in healthy state and the patient is free from other systemic disorders such as diabetes & arthritis.

Does This Braces Treatment in Delhi Make the Teeth Weak, Loose or Mobile?

This is a complete misconception. In fact, after reaching their ideal position they become stronger, load-bearing & long-lasting. The dental braces treatment clinic in Delhi, which is Delhi Orion Orthodontic & Dental Care Centre, takes utmost care that the health of the teeth is never compromised due to any undue application of forces.

Treatment using Lingual Braces where braces are not visible at all as they are placed on the inner aspect ( tongue side) of the teeth.

Does this dental treatment always need teeth removal /extraction?

It is not necessary to extract teeth in all cases, particularly if treatment is started at an early stage. Except in some cases, a majority of patients are treated without losing any tooth.

What to expect during the best dental braces treatment in Delhi at Orion Dental Clinic,

  1. In the first visit Dr. Anupam Sinha, our in-house Orthodontist takes a look at you to inform you about the treatment strategy, cost, and duration of the treatment.
  2. In the second appointment, your treatment records i.e Impressions Photos and X-rays would be taken.
  3. These records are then sent to a lab where the customized lingual braces are fabricated and the prescription for the brackets is done.
  4. The active treatment is started by fixing the brackets and wires and monthly appointments commence.

Does this make a person unattractive?

No, in fact, these braces are the one, which is beautifying your smile. The conventional Orthodontic braces may give a steel/metallic look to your teeth for the time the treatment is carried on. However, the latest, tooth-colored (eg 3M Clarity, InVu brackets) cost slightly more but are almost invisible.

Do the teeth jumble up after the removal of the braces?

The period between 6 to 9 months after the removal of fixed braces is very crucial for determining the success of the treatment & all the hard work done by your Orthodontist on your teeth. If in this period retention plates given by the Orthodontist are regularly & properly used, teeth will never go back to the previous position again.

Orion Dental Clinic located in Delhi near Greater Kailash 1 has an efficient team of in-house doctor/Orthodontist in Delhi for dental braces. We are a Specialized clinic for the Braces treatment in Delhi. Our efficient team of dentists headed by Dr. Anupam Sinha will assess your case and give you the best dental braces treatment in Delhi. For an appointment visit our clinic or make an appointment online.

We at Orion Dental Clinic consider our patients our priority and assure maximum safety with strict norms for sterilization and infection control.

Don't wait! Experience the magic of ‘beauty transformation’ from ‘maligned to most aligned’ at affordable costs with us at Orion Dental Care.

What our patients are saying?


An ideal time for placement of braces is between 10 and 14 years of age, while the head and mouth are still growing and teeth are more conducive to straightening. According to the Orion dental braces treatment clinic, braces treatment should ideally begin when a child has lost most of their primary teeth and most of the adult permanent teeth have grown. This occurs between 8-14 years of age.

It should take less than a year if your back teeth are already in a good position and you're only straightening your front teeth. Braces are often worn upto 3 months after the teeth are straight in order to stabilize the new position of the teeth and provide better long-term stability.

The first day or so of having your new braces on will mean you may not feel like chewing a whole lot. But that’s fine–try something soft but delicious like tender turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Soups, chili, pudding, oatmeal, and yogurt are all good choices during your first few days with braces.

Depending on your age and severity, Dental Braces costs start from Rs 30,000. Sometimes this may vary, hence for a better understanding of Dental Braces' cost, consult a certified dentist.

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