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Dental Implants

“With the introduction of dental implants, more and more adults in 26-55 years of age are opting for it” -Dr. Anupam Sinha

A perfect smile gives you the confidence to smile and greet the world. It is a way to win millions of hearts. Good or bad, it helps to give you the courage to face it. With a million-dollar smile, you win your friends, cheer your family and have a perfect selfie with your best friend. A beautiful smile can make your colleagues jealous and you can impress your crush. As you can see, half of the work is done with a perfect smile. However not many people are blessed with a set of properly formed, aligned, beautiful teeth. Some have defective and deformed teeth. And they can be difficult to clean and can cause decay and bad breath. It can cause injuries and ulcers. That can lead to people staring at your teeth while you are smiling or talking. And this can take a toll on your confidence and self-esteem, push you away from social gatherings, talking and smiling at people. Children, particularly in their adolescent period are quite sensitive to how they look and the way people perceive them. Even the elders may feel hesitant to laugh openly. Dental problems are extremely common and the number of cases registered every year is increasing exponentially. Nearly half of the world’s population is impacted by tooth decay and 30 percent of the senior adults lose their natural teeth, dental implants are also one of the most popular dental procedures across the world. In 1952, professor per Ingvar Branemark, a Swedish surgeon, while researching the healing patterns of bone tissue, accidentally discovered that when pure titanium comes into direct contact with the living bone tissue, the two grow together to form a permanent biological adhesion. He named this phenomenon osseointegration and this formed the base for dental implants.

Do you hesitate to smile at a social gathering? Do you hide your laughter because of crooked, overlapped or twisted teeth? Have you started avoiding being in a gathering because you are afraid of being judged by your teeth? Ideally, your teeth should fit in your mouth properly without any spacing issues. When you close your mouth the upper jaw and the lower jaw locking into each other. However, if there is any deviation from the normal alignment or pattern of the teeth presentation, dental implants can help you rectify it.

Don’t worry there is a solution to these problems and here I will be addressing some of the most fetched queries regarding dental implants. Various options you have and their comparison in terms of cost and benefit. Hope this will help you make the best choice for yourself.

So let us dive into the pool of information about dental implants and how they can help you so that you find the best way to replace your teeth and sparkle the million-dollar smile.


Table of Contents

So, let’s know more about Dental Implants and figure out the best solution for you.
Feel free to skip ahead if one topic catches your eye:

  1. What are dental implants?
  2. How to evaluate the best dental clinic near me?
  3. What are the advantages of Dental implants
  4. How do dental implants work
  5. Types of dental Implants?
  6. How much do dental implants cost? Can it be covered under insurance?
  7. What is the dental implant surgery?
  8. How successful are dental implants?
  9. Risks and complications associated with dental implant surgery

Let’s start from the basics: what are dental implants?

Dental implants are also called endosseous implants or fixtures. They are substances that are placed into the jaw to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown or to act as an orthodontic anchor. This is done to replace the missing tooth, and an edentulous arch. The implants which are made of high grade titanium intergates with the bone in the region of  the missing teeth and integrates with it. This can provide the base for the crown which then replace  the tooth.,

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The first step is always the most important thing to consider: how to evaluate the best dental clinic near me?

Now that you have seen the issue, let’s talk about the first step you should be taking in such a situation, that is, finding a dental clinic. Finding a dental clinic according to your requirement and convenience can be difficult. So ask your relatives and friends, who have been to dental clinics about their experience. You can talk to your family doctor for a recommendation. If not, then don’t worry, start with your research, find dental clinics near you, read their reviews.The price of implants may vary depending upon the experience of the doctors and the treatment plan. You should check for credentials, this is very important. For the best results the clinic needs to be well equipped and the doctor should be experienced. And then you can ask for the number of one of their patients and then talk to him/her about their experience. The doctor friendly clinic prefers less invasive dental implant therapy with guided flap. They know the transition from stage 2 to stage 1 procedure, and the advances of ceramic materials which help in creating a shift from function to aesthetics.


Why dental implants: what are the advantages of dental implants?

Dental implants are important cosmetically because nobody wants deformed or crooked teeth. Dental implants help to prevent mouth pathologies, as deformed teeth can harm your mouth as well. And that can lead to ulcers and other complications. In dental implants one or more teeth can be replaced by not affecting the bordering teeth, a support bridge can be created and the need for a removable partial denture can be eliminated. It is also used to provide anchorage during orthodontic treatment. But there is a more hidden and important role in dental implants that we rarely acknowledge. Some of them are that dental implants help in better functioning of the teeth. It gives stability and support to your teeth. Dental implants use has grown over the years as it has become more accessible and affordable than it was. Furthermore, this is the best-given option to have a good set of teeth. And let’s not forget the psychological effect it has on us. It boosts our confidence and self-esteem. Today dental implants have more than 90% success rate.


Let’s know more about them: How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are the substances that are structured and formed in a way that it helps in approximating the dental bone and thus rectifying the deformity. It works by a biological process called osseointegration, which means that it helps in the formation of a more intimate bond between bone. The effect of this process depends upon the amount of pressure the implant faces due to normal day to day activity of the individual like chewing and drugs that delay osseointegration. This also helps in fibro-osseous integration that is the tissue and bone approximation.

Now, coming back to osseointegration, let’s talk more about the physiology of the way it happens in the normally functioning body. The osseointegration process observed after implants insertion is very similar to bone fracture healing. In this basically, the bone wound leads to an inflammatory reaction with bone resorption and subsequently the activation of growth factors. The growth factor helps in the fusion of both ends. Now osseointegration is based on 2 theories: Branemarks theory and Weiss theory. The later is the most accepted one, which is based on collagen fibers present at the bone-implant interface helping to form the integration. Few factors help in the integration and they are biocompatible material, implant adapted to a prepared site, surgery, undisturbed healing phase. The healing time is around 2-6 months.


What are my options: types of dental implants

There are many options for dental implants so proper analysis of options is important so that they meet your requirements. Broadly dental implants are classified into 3 types:

Based on the material used:

These can be metallic like titanium or titanium alloy or non-metallic like carbon, polymer, composite

Based on the placement of the dental implant within the tissue:

These can be like:

  • Epiosteal implants
  • Transosteal implants
  • Endosteal implants

Based on the design:

These can be like screw shape.


“I have heard dental implants are costly”: how much do dental implants cost? can they be covered under insurance?

Dental implants can vary form 22000 to 45000 depending upon brands used. The dentist is the best person to advise regarding the choice as some implants may have features incorporated in them which are not of any use to you. It’s like having a very high end computer which costs a bomb but you don’t use more than 50 % of its features.  But as far as insurance is considered, mostly these procedures are not covered to a large extent in india. It is a good idea to contact your insurance provider before undergoing treatment.

Does getting a dental implant hurt: what is the dental implant surgery?

There are some prerequisites for dental implant surgery like diabetes should be under control if present, hypertension should be under control if present, there should not any oral pathologies like ulcer or injury, if present they need to be treated first. It is very important to maintain good oral hygiene and take proper nutrition to prevent conditions like angular stomatitis due to nutritional deficiency. The surgery is performed under anesthesia so there won’t be any pain other than the pain of injection for anesthesia. There would be little pain after the procedure which can be covered by medications. It is of 2 types, one has 2 stages and the other contains 1 stage endosseous implant. In 2 stages ‘submerged’ dental implant surgery 5 steps are executed:

Flap design, incision, reflection; then implant site preparation; flap closure and suturing; post-operative care and then second stage exposure surgery is done. But in 1 stage ‘non-submerged’ dental implant surgery only the first 4 steps are done and the last step is not done. The oral surgeon chooses the one based on your requirements and the raw material available. Time also plays a very crucial role.


Does getting dental implant hurt: What is the dental implant surgery?


Will it work: how successful are dental implants?

The dental implants’ success rate depends upon the operator skill, quality, and quantity of bone available at the implant site and the patient’s post-operative care like oral hygiene and taking medication at the proper time. It is also dependant on ridge width, ridge height, and bone quality.  And another most important factor that determines the success of the implant is that, the achievement and maintenance of implant surgery. Dental implants success rate is low in diabetic patients, chronic illness, terminal illness, pregnancy, uncontrolled metabolic disorder, improper motivation, lack of operator experience, history of intravenous bisphosphonate therapy, and patients with carcinomas especially related to bone and blood. Dental implants make our life better but to perform surgery we are always skeptical. But let me tell you here that with a healthy lifestyle and good oral hygiene, dental implants have a success percentage of 90 to 95%. But you have to be careful and look for warning signs after implant surgery. Warning signs can be like severe pain and bleeding. The success of dental implants surgery in the young and older population are the same provided the prerequisites are fulfilled.

Is it safe: risks and complication associated with dental implant surgery

This is the most asked and looked for a question when it comes to performing surgery. So let’s start with the basics. After any operative procedure, we need to be extra careful with our hygiene and care, as our body wouldn’t be strong enough to fight infections immediately after surgery. Oral hygiene and nutrition are the primordial steps to prevent any complications post-surgery. Then during surgery, there can be trauma. There can be a bacterial infection as the person is susceptible. And as many hospitals help us to have a better life, staying in the hospital for a

long period can lead to hospital-acquired infection. Other than that, there can be technical failures which are though rare. This happens due to a lack of fibro-osseous integration.  And the most important fact that is to be remembered is to stop consuming alcohol and cigarettes.

Best results are always in the hands of the practitioner: choose the best Implant surgeon for you

No matter how well you know your problem and the solution needed, the results are always determined by the skills and proficiency of your dentist. It is important to find the clinic that is well equipped, certified, a doctor who is well trained and can address your issues properly.  Nowadays more and more people are looking for dental implant surgeries so it is very important to find the best trained and experienced oral surgeon to give you the best results. Dr.Anupam Sinha is one of the most famous Implant surgeons. He specializes in dental implant procedures and has changed the lives of many patients, with compliments like they have got back their natural teeth. And that is our most important achievement. The dental arch clinic functioning under his leadership provides a comprehensive solution to all dental problems. The clinic is powered with state equipment to ensure accuracy in the procedures and excellent results. We understand what you want, we make sure that we address your issues and take special measures to make you feel comfortable throughout the process. He provides services at the most honest proving. The trust of patients is very important to us so we invite your queries. The high-quality equipment, hygiene, the extremely polite staff makes your relationship with us pleasant and joyful. We will take care of your smile while you fill the world with your shine and charisma.