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Full Mouth Dental Implants in Gk1 – South Delhi, India

What do you mean by full mouth dental implants in rehabilitation using dental implants?

Replacement of all your teeth or correction of the defects in bite position is known as full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth rehabilitation is amongst the toughest dental procedures and only a handful of doctors are fully qualified for this type of treatment.

Repair of form, as well as the functionality of every tooth in your mouth, can be done with the help of this procedure. These teeth get support with the help of dental implants. Full mouth dental implants in Delhi process begins with examining the muscular function of the jaw, in both relaxed and stretched positions. If the dentists figure out any imbalance in the muscle uses one can take help of an appliance that is used for artificially building up the patients bite to a relaxed and resting position.

When do you require full mouth dental implants in delhi?

Restoring the teeth is an important area of expertise of the Orion Dental Care center with Dr. Anupam Sinha who has completed his training from India and abroad. When your teeth begin falling due to gum disease then the only answer to having the fixed teeth is using dental implants. With the modern advances in dentistry today a patient get all the teeth removed and replace it with full set restored within a single visit(although we favor replacing these surgical temporary teeth with the ultimate ones after 3 months due to the tissue and bone levels settling after this period). The cost of full mouth dental implants in Delhi is very competitive compared even to the eastern European countries. A single jaw replacement of teeth with the help of dental implants for replacing the teeth can be done for as less as 3000 US$. 

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