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Pediatric Dentist for Kids (Pediatric Dentist in Delhi/Gk1)

What is pedodontics?

Pediatric Dentistry refers to the science of Dentistry meant for children. A Pediatric Dentist completes the dental work for children. Pediatric Dentist can treat several conditions relating to infant teeth, milk teeth, or baby teeth.

When should be the child’s first appointment

It is suggested to have six months’ visits to the pediatric dentist beginning from the child’s first birthday. Routine visits will ensure that your child has good dental health for a lifetime.

Why treat the milk teeth?

It is very essential to monitor the health of the primary teeth in children.

1. cavities in your child’s teeth or teeth which are neglected can and often do lead to problems affecting the development of the permanent teeth.
2. They give space for the permanent teeth and leading them into the right position and allowing normal development of the jaw muscles and bones.
3. Primary teeth also influence the development of speech and is an addition to your attractive appearance.

Why choose us?

Pediatric dentistry is the only age-restricted specialty in dentistry. We give complete dental care for children, infants, and adolescents, including those having special health needs. Your child can then visit a dentist with special experience and training. Pediatric dentists are trained and experienced in assessing children’s behaviors and deciding which treatment approach works best in the interest of your child. Children having special healthcare needs can be easily treated with sedation or general anesthesia.

Prevention is better than cure

Tooth decay starts with a dental plaque, which is a sticky and soft substance forming up on the teeth. Plaque is mostly composed of bacteria, feeding on sugar from drinks and foods producing a waste product in the form of acid. The acids attack the teeth and lead to tooth decay Also, healthy eating habits can make your teeth healthy. The teeth, bones, and soft tissues of the mouth just like any other body part need a well-balanced diet. The children are advised to stay away from hard candy etc. as it stays in the mouth for a long time and causes cavities.

Some terms associated with pediatric treatment


The procedure of pulpectomy is done on milk teeth by a specialized dentist. If the decay has advanced into the dental nerve far enough, the tooth needs a pulpectomy. The nerve chambers of the tooth are irrigated, dried, cleaned, and filled with resorbable paste filler. The tooth is then restored with the help of a composite or a crown. The only other option for pulpectomy is tooth extraction which can also lead to a  shift in the neighboring teeth resulting in crooked teeth.

Pit and fissure sealants:

For patients having a lot of tooth decay, the dentist may advise extra fluoride, either as tablets or varnish, or drops painted onto the teeth or by putting pit and fissure sealants on the tooth surface. Sealants refer to the clear plastic material painted on the tooth’s surface. It acts like a barrier to, plaque, food, and acid, thus protecting the areas of teeth prone to decay.

Space maintainers:

Space maintainers help in keeping the empty space left by a lost tooth open. They steady the left teeth, thus preventing the movement of the teeth until the permanent tooth acquire its natural position in the jaw. It is quite affordable and comfortable for your child to help in keeping the teeth in normal positions with a space maintainer rather than moving them back in place with orthodontic treatment.

Habit-breaking appliances:

These appliances are made by the dentist in order to fight habits such as thumb sucking, nail biting, Â finger biting, lip biting, mouth breathing and tongue thrusting amongst children. They can be either of the fixed or removable types. They are required because if these habits are prolonged or continued for a longer period of time it can lead to gum disease, change in shape of the jaws and change in position of teeth. there may also be a certain kind of psychological disturbance in the child’s mind. This needs to be identified and corrected at an earlier stage if possible as these sort of things can affect the overall development of a child.

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