Get rid of the Bad breath in your mouth

Get rid of the Bad breath in your mouth

Do you still have bad breath even after a thorough brushing and flossing? The reasons might be due to many things mainly your food habits and proper dental care comes into play. Maintaining good oral hygiene and having strong healthy teeth reflects your overall health and indicate if there are any sort of illness. Therefore, it should be our foremost practice to focus on our oral health which is our first step to lead a disease-free life. The Orion Orthodontic & Dental Care Center, which is the best dental clinic in Delhi provide all kinds of solutions for all your dental and oral illness. We also provide certain cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance your aesthetics and to hide your imperfections.

Bad breath caused due to the types of food you eat and certain unhealthy lifestyle habits.

How and why do food you eat affect your health?

The food that we eat gets broken down in our mouth initially. Eating, drinking and chewing some strong-odored foods like onion, garlic, coffee or sticky chocolates tend to stuck between teeth and the odor lingers in the mouth for a long time even after brushing. Neither brushing nor flossing the teeth and mouth daily completely remove food particles in mouth thereby promoting the growth of bacteria between teeth, around gums and on the tongue. This bacterial growth is the main reason for bad breath and foul smells. Antibacterial mouthwashes can help to reduce the growth of bacteria thereby preventing the odor.

Bad breath symptoms

Major symptoms include a white coating on the tongue, especially at the back side, dry mouth, the buildup of plaque around teeth, sourness or bitter metallic taste in mouth, Post-nasal drip.

Other reasons why do you have bad breath:

  • Dry mouth  A lack of saliva in the mouth can cause accumulation of bacteria in the mouth contributing to bad breath.  Dry mouth is caused due to lack of drinking water throughout the day by certain medications or medical conditions. Hence you are required to drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Cavities  Tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health condition are the possible reasons for bad breath.
  • Medical conditions Sinus infections, strep throat, and acid reflux cause the odor to last long in the mouth. As the oral cavity is the gateway for infections in our body, it is essential that immense care should be taken to prevent the entry of infectious pathogens.
  • Alcoholic mouthwashes  Mouthwashes that contain alcohol content in it dries out the mouth leading to bad breath. To avoid drying out your mouth, use alcohol-free mouthwash for long lasting freshness.
  • Smoking and tobacco habits If you chew tobacco or smoke cigars, brushing alone will not assure you for tidy teeth and clean oral hygiene. It is quite better to quit the habit of smoking or reduce it to see better results.

How to get rid of Bad breath:

No matter the root cause of your bad breath certain tips can be followed to mask and combat the effects of bad breath.

-Flossing daily after brushing so that all the food particles are completely washed off and reduce the risk of disease-causing bacteria.

-Drinking plenty of water.

-Chewing sugarless gum can keep the mouth hydrated.

-Eating tooth-cleaning foods such as celery, apple helps to clean the teeth and they are called as nature’s floss.

-Cleaning the tongue with a tongue scraper to prevent the build-up of bacteria

-Quit smoking habit and visiting your dentist regularly.

If you wish to see better results for all your dental and oral illness, fix an appointment with our doctor and avail a checkup that ensures your dental hygiene.

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