Bring out a Sensational smile in you with our affordable dental veneers

Do you have any misalignment in your teeth or a chipped and cracked tooth?

With advancements in cosmetic dentistry procedures, bringing a perfect smile in you is no more a harder task! The Dental veneers have created a revolution in the field of cosmetic dentistry in recent years thereby masking all your imperfections and give a chance for you to see a whole new and perfect smile. Veneers are customized thin shells of porcelain that can be used to correct a single tooth, a few teeth or a whole smile. They cover any kind of tooth stains, repairs chipped tooth or corrects misalignment. If you are willing to have the best and affordable Dental Veneers in Delhi, proceed forward to visit the Orion Orthodontic and Dental Care Centre where we provide high-class services to all your dental problems.


There are mainly two types of dental veneers: Composite is made by the dentist when a person comes for the procedure and applied directly to the teeth surface whereas porcelain is prepared in the laboratory after taking a teeth impression.


Generally, the entire procedure can be done in two visits where our dental team first take the impression of teeth and match the shade. In the second visit, the dentist fit the veneers. This can be done under local anesthesia in case of any discomfort. Following are the steps to be undergone,

Step 1: Trimming the tooth-This involves trimming of enamel part same as thick of veneer so that it does not look bulged.

Step 2: Checking the shade- The dentist determines the best shade depending on teeth lying on both sides

Step 3: Taking the impression- Impression of a particular tooth and surrounding teeth with gums are taken by the dentist to design the veneer in the lab. The impression is just like a xerox copy of teeth structure that is aiding in fabricating the veneers.

Step 4: Placement of temporary veneer- It is not compulsory to have a temporary veneer unless the dentist recommends it. Since the designing of veneer takes a period of 2 weeks temporary veneers can be used.

Step 5: Pre-bonding Evaluation-The dentists check for best fit of veneer and evaluates the dimension so that it sticks accurately.

Step 6: The final cementation-In this step, etching is done using gel to make the enamel surface rough so that it holds the bonding agent. Cement is placed in the veneer and it is safely delivered into place.

Step 7: Final evaluation- Now the veneer is firmly bonded to the original tooth. Excess cement present is gently scraped off and to ensure that veneer is rightly placed, your bite is evaluated. Regular Follow up is done to check if there are any discomforts or complications.

-Resembles natural teeth and long lasting without any breaks or cracks

-Perfect screen for all kind of teeth problems such as stains or misalignments

-Can increase the length of shorter teeth

-Closes gap between teeth

-Perfectly fits into the enamel and reduces the area of gums thereby increasing the length of teeth

There are no specific cons to be stated except when proper care is not taken, they are likely to get damaged.

The Dental Veneers in Delhi are a more cost-effective and durable remedy for all your teeth imperfections. Fix an appointment with our best dentist to enhance your aesthetic aspects in your face.

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