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Dental Visit During COVID: What are the Precautions Doctor and Patient Should Use?

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The people who have dental pain and want to undergo any sort of dental treatment have waited for more than a couple of months. But at present, since the conditions are getting back to normal, the dental clinics have started to function. Thus, now you can visit your dentist to get your treatment completed.

But one shall not forget that the risk of the virus has not shown any relief. The cases of coronavirus are still rising rapidly. However, your dental treatment can be completed without any risk if the person takes all the necessary precautions. To make sure that your visit to the dental clinic is safe, we will discuss some precautions that the doctor and patient should use:

Sanitization of Instruments:

After the dentist is done with the treatment of a patient, they must clean the entire set of instruments thoroughly. A solution of disinfectants must be prepared by the dentist in which they can immerse and sanitize all the instruments. Just in case the previous person who had a dental treatment was infected, then any kind of bacteria or virus will be killed when the instruments are out in that solution.

When the patients visit a dental clinic, even they should confirm sanitization and cleaning of instruments prior to the treatment. This precaution will make sure that those instruments are completely safe to resue.

Patient Check-up For Any Symptoms:

Before allowing the patient to enter your dental clinic, allot one of your staff members to check that person for any symptoms of suffering from coronavirus. They can perform some basic tests such as body temperature checks. In case a person has a high temperature or is continuously coughing, then they can be the symptoms of the same.

Do not allow that person to enter your clinic at any cost. In case they are infected from coronavirus, then it will not only be harmful to you but will also be risky for other patients and staff members in your clinic. While if the person has normal body temperature and looks fine, then you can allow them in your clinic.

Sanitize Yourself Before Entering the Clinic:

You as a patient must not enter the clinic before applying a sanitizer or washing your hands thoroughly using soap and water. When you were traveling from your home to the clinic, the virus may have came in contact with your hands. On sanitizing your hands, you will get rid of the virus, if any. This will keep you safe and will also provide peace of mind.

Apart from hands, the solution of disinfectant should also be applied to your footwear. If the virus comes in contact with your shoes, then it will make the entire clinic contaminated and infected. These are some basic steps to sanitize yourself before entering the clinic. If everyone visiting the clinic follows these steps, then you will have a safe and risk-free dental treatment.

Get Your Clinic Disinfected at the End Of the Day:

Before leaving the clinic, appoint your staff members to carefully sanitize all the areas where the patients might have been. Despite taking all the above precautions, if there is any contamination in your clinic, then it will get cleaned on disinfecting the surface. Clean every corner of the floor and the other surfaces that your patients might have touched. Avoid reusing things, rather you must opt for disposable cleaning equipment. This will keep your dental clinic safe, sanitized, and ready for the next day.

Social Distancing at Waiting Area:

Firstly, try not to call a lot of people to your clinic at a time. Give time slots to every appointment and strictly ask them to be there on time. Else, if all of them arrive there at the same time, the waiting area will become crowded and more likely to get contaminated.

You also need to update the seating arrangement of the waiting area. Keep a decent distance between every seat. The patients should not be coming in contact with anyone while they are sitting or speaking to someone. Following these precautions, the dental clinic will be safe for the doctor as well as for the patients.
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