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Why Are Retainers Essential After Orthodontic Treatment?

If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment or planning to do so, you must have heard about retainers and wondered what they are. Are they essential after orthodontic treatment? What if I don’t use them? Etc.

Of course, they are very important to maintain your beautiful smile and are always recommended after orthodontic treatment in Delhi. This is because they help preserve, hold, and keep your teeth in their new corrected position after your braces or aligners are removed. In the quest for well-aligned teeth for life, the latter half of the treatment is complete by wearing the retainers as and when prescribed by your orthodontist. The best orthodontist in GK1 recommends wearing retainers for successful orthodontic treatment results.

Let us, through this article, know why retainers are essential after orthodontic treatment.

1. What are retainers?

Retainers are custom-made orthodontic appliances usually made of clear plastics or wires. They are designed to fit into your mouth to retain your teeth in their new positions and prevent their shift to their original places. Retainers can be made of different materials and may be of different types.

2. What are the different types of retainers?

There are a variety of retainers available, and the best orthodontist in Delhi GK1 will prescribe one type or a combination of retainers depending upon what is best suited for you. There may be:

Removable retainers:

  • Hawley’s: They can be removed and cleaned. They are made of acrylic or plastic that rests on the palate or the back of the teeth. Wires come out of them that loop around the front teeth, which helps make any changes to stabilize them whenever needed.
  • Clear plastics: As the name suggests, they are made of clear and transparent plastics that snugly fit over the teeth. They are very aesthetic, as they are almost invisible.
  • Combination of the two: Sometimes, a combination of the two fulfills all your requirements by serving the purpose without compromising on the looks.

Fixed retainers: These retainers cannot be removed for eating or cleaning as they are cemented or bonded to the chewing surfaces of the teeth.

  •  Lingual retainers: They are fixed retainers but on the inner side of the teeth, on the tongue side, so they are not visible.

3. Why are retainers essential after orthodontic treatment?

Your teeth have memory and tend to shift back to their original positions if they are not prevented from doing so. Teeth also move due to regular forces while eating, biting, grinding, aging, etc. Retainers play a crucial role in minimizing the risk of relapse of teeth positions after your orthodontic treatment. The best orthodontist in Gk1 recommends wearing retainers:

  • To prevent relapse: This is the most important factor for retainers, are always recommended after orthodontic treatment in Delhi.
  • To provide stability: Retainers aid the underlying bone and soft tissue to align in their new position to hold the teeth tightly in their place.
  • To maintain proper fit and function: Retainers help to ensure that your upper and lower teeth fit in an ideal way and that biting and chewing functions are not disrupted. This will minimize the wear and tear of your teeth and damage to your jawbone.
  • Aid teeth to adapt to the change: During the orthodontic treatment, your teeth and surrounding structures are forced to change their original positions. Therefore, they need some time and support to remain in that new position that the retainers provide them.
  • To ensure fruitful outcomes: After orthodontic treatment in Delhi, by the best orthodontist in GK1, with recommended retainers, you will be assured of delightful results that will probably last for a lifetime.
  • To address personalized needs: Retainers are customized to take care of your requirements and needs and are recommended accordingly.
  • To complete the orthodontic treatment: last but most important, your orthodontic treatment is not complete without retainers being a part of it to maintain your beautiful smile.

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1. How long do I need to wear the retainers?
Every individual differs in the amount of time needed to wear retainers to maintain their orthodontic-treated teeth well. Depending on what orthodontic treatment you receive and how prone your teeth are to relapse, the best orthodontist in Gk1 will recommend the time you need to wear retainers. This will ensure the most delightful outcomes. On average, after orthodontic treatment in Delhi, the best orthodontist in Greater Kailash will advise you to wear retainers continuously for 6 months and gradually reduce to only wearing them at night. Always continue this throughout to prevent unwanted movement of your teeth.

2. What if I don’t wear the retainers?
As your teeth tend to move back to their original position, if you fail to wear retainers, there is a high probability that your investment of time, money, and efforts to straighten your teeth for a beautiful smile will go in vain. You will land up to where you started; therefore, always adhere to your orthodontist’s advice for the best results and a dazzling smile.
3. What are some of the care tips for retainers?
You must take good care of your retainers to prolong their life span, and here are some care tips which may help you:

  • Always clean your removable retainers with lukewarm water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove all food debris and plaque.
  • Never put them in boiling water, they may distort or melt.
  • Always remove them while eating and drinking anything other than water to avoid their breakage.
  • Always clean your teeth before wearing your retainers.
  • Seek your dentist’s help if your fixed retainers break or distort, don’t try to repair them yourself.
  • Never force-fit the retainers in case they feel tight and do not fit well. See the best orthodontist in
  • Greater Kailash and get them corrected to avoid damage to your teeth.


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