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All-On-4 Dental Implants- Procedure, Cost, Benefits, Recovery and More

Looking for dental implant surgery? Do your broken, decayed or lost teeth embarrass you and affect your quality of life? Well! Dental implant surgery not only helps reconstruct your teeth but also gives you an aesthetic look. But what if all your teeth fell down? In such cases, all-on-4 dental

Dental Implants! As Good As Natural Teeth at Orion Dental Clinic

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems that people go through. Decayed teeth may be painful and can make you feel uncomfortable while eating. However, to treat this problem and to get rid of a decayed tooth, dental implantation is done. But before opting for dental implants, people

Dental Visit During COVID: What are the Precautions Doctor and Patient Should Use?

The people who have dental pain and want to undergo any sort of dental treatment have waited for more than a couple of months. But at present, since the conditions are getting back to normal, the dental clinics have started to function. Thus, now you can visit your dentist to

What should I expect After Dental Implant Treatment?

Dental implants have proven to be revolutionary in the field of cosmetic dentistry. These quality implants transform smiles while restoring function. The process is very comfortable with only mild swelling and carries a 97% success rate at any reputed clinic. The procedure involves replacing the roots of missing teeth with

Full Jaw Dental Implant Surgery: Get immediate teeth within 24 hours. ~Anupam Sinha

Today cosmetic dentistry is a very popular option amongst all age groups and advancements with materials and techniques have improved drastically. The remarkable longevity and accuracy of improved implant dentistry have led to a significant rise in the number of such surgeries worldwide. India has also seen tremendous progress in

New Covid 19 protocols in place to prevent infection with Corona virus including history tracing , social distancing , gas sterilization, flat surface sterilization , oxygen saturation and temperature monitoring , physical barriers like head cap shoe covers gloves mask, pre procedural mouth rinse to reduce viral load, 4 to 6 air changes per hour using powerful exhaust and hepa air purifiers, PPE kits , reporstors. Patients are advised to wait in the car until the chair is free . Patients by appointment only.