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Invisalign or Ceramic Braces: Which Option Is Right for You?

Confused between ceramic braces and Invisalign? It is obviously difficult to decide between these two teeth straightening options. They both work to correct issues of alignment and spacing of your teeth, and both are aesthetic and hardly visible, unlike metal braces. Having said so, there are also a lot of differences between the two, and it is very important to have clarity about both Invisalign and ceramic braces before you opt for either.

Scroll ahead to know the similarities and differences between Invisalign and ceramic braces concerning what they are, how they work, the time taken to treat each of them, their cost aspects, etc. This will help you make a well-informed decision for yourself and get your new dream smile.

  1. What are Invisalign braces?

Invisalign are custom-made removable clear plastic trays that fit over teeth and exert the required pressure for their desired movement. They are used as a series and have to be changed approximately every 2-3 weeks (depending on your tooth movement) till the time of your treatment.

  1. What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces are fixed braces bonded to teeth with brackets and archwires, similar to metal braces. The main difference is that they are made of tooth-colored ceramic material. They are less visible and aesthetic.

  1. Invisalign VS ceramic braces- what is the difference and the pros and cons of both?

The details of the similarities, differences, and pros and cons of both Invisalign v/s ceramic braces are:

S.No. Properties Ceramic Braces Invisalign Braces
1. Material made up of They are made up of tooth-colored ceramic material They are made up of Clear transparent plastics.
2. Removable/ Fixed Fixed Removable
3. Appearance Aesthetic and has much lesser visibility, but is noticeable when close. Very aesthetic. These are almost invisible even during closer looks and are more aesthetic.
4. Procedure Brackets are bonded on the tooth surfaces, and archwires are attached to them. These wires are tightened at regular intervals to exert pressure and attain teeth movement. Customized plastic trays are inserted into the mouth, which exerts the desired pressure for teeth movement.
5. Comfort They may not be very comfortable. They may cause gum irritation, especially when applied or tightened, and take a few days to get used to. They are very comfortable with no wires and brackets, just plastic trays.
6. Diet restrictions Hard and sticky food has to be avoided as it may damage your wires or brackets or get stuck on them. Only soft food is recommended. As the Invisalign has to be removed while eating and drinking, there is no restriction on any kind of food.
8. Treatment time Depending upon the severity of malocclusion, age, and type of treatment, braces usually need 12-24 months for correction. The same goes for Invisalign. The complexity of the malocclusion, its severity, age, etc., will decide the time frame needed for invasion. Usually, it takes around 6 months- 24 months.
Regularity in wearing It is fixed so you ought to wear it regularly. Orthodontists recommend wearing Invisalign for 22 hours a day and removing it only during eating, drinking, and cleaning. Since they can be removed easily, you may be tempted to remove them several times, negatively affecting your treatment.
9. Orthodontic visits You need to visit your orthodontist regularly for examination and adjustments usually every 4-6 weeks. The same goes for clear aligners. You need to see your orthodontist every 2-6 weeks to get your selves examined and get a new set of aligners.
10. Staining of teeth They may stain sometimes, especially if you have a lot of tea, coffee, or colored foods like beetroot, betel leaf, etc. There is zero risk of staining as you always need to remove them while eating or drinking anything other than water.
11. Approximate Cost Around INR 50,000- INR 10,0000

Little cheaper as compared to Invisalign

INR 1,50,000- INR 3,00000.

Somewhat more expensive.

  1. Which of the teeth straightening Options (ceramic braces or Invisalign) is the best?Both the teeth straightening options, i.e., ceramic braces v/s Invisalign, have their advantages and disadvantages. Also, each individual has different needs, requirements, and wishes. Depending on your preferences, requirements, the severity of your malocclusion, and the type of tooth movement needed, either of them could be the best for you. Your orthodontist, who will assess your condition and discuss it with you in detail, will be the best person to tell you which options are best suited for you.


  • Which of the two ceramic braces v/s aligners affect my speech?

Initially, both of the options will affect your speech to some extent. You may feel a little lisp when you put them on for the first time as you are not used to it. But this will only be temporary; as you get used to the new addition in your mouth, you will start gaining clarity in your speech. It usually takes a week for your speech to get normal.

  1. How often should I brush my teeth if I use aligners?

The orthodontists recommend brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth whenever you remove your aligner trays, especially after eating and drinking.

  1. Do retainers need to be worn with aligners and ceramic braces?

Yes, retainers are important to wear after any teeth straightening method, whether braces or aligners. Retainers are essential to maintain the new position of your teeth and surrounding structures as they shift to their original places.

  1. Can Invisalign treat severe malalignment of teeth?

Initially, Invisalign was used only for minor teeth movements, but nowadays, with orthodontic advancements, even complex cases needing rotation may be treated by Invisalign. But the eligibility depends on various factors for which your orthodontist is the best person to assess and let you know.

  1. Which treatment of the two ceramic braces and Invisalign is less painful?

None of them is painful per se, and both of them may feel uncomfortable in the beginning. You may feel soreness and teeth sensitivity for the first few days for both options, but Invisalign, being a plastic tray with no wires and brackets, ought to be more comfortable.

The final word

Both ceramic braces and Invisalign are efficient in treating any kind of malocclusion successfully. All you need is correct knowledge, information, and the right guidance to make a perfect decision for yourself. At Orion Dental Care, which is the best dental center in South Delhi GK1, you will get expert guidance from the top orthodontist in Delhi. You will be assured of the most comfortable and safe treatment journey with successful and delightful results.

The doctors at Orion Dental Center are highly qualified and widely experienced in treating even the most complex dental problems with amazing outcomes. Here, they use all the modern equipment with the latest technology, which facilitates the ease and success of the treatment with minimal discomfort and time. At Orion, your safety is their priority; therefore, there is zero tolerance for infection, and they follow stringent rules for sterilization and infection control. Above all, the cost structures at Orion Dental Center are affordable and different packages are available, which will further reduce your financial burden.

So, why wait? Get your new beautiful smile soon with Orion Dental Care Center.


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