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Dental Veneers: Procedure and cost

Do you have discolored, chipped, or broken front teeth, making you feel conscious about your smile? Here’s some good news for you. Dental veneers will help you restore your lost smile. They are thin custom-made shells that the dentists fit over your front teeth to enhance your tooth’s appearance and

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatment and How Do They Work?

Are you suffering from discoloured, yellowish or stained teeth, and conscious of your smile due to this? Thankfully, we have an incredibly effective way of lightening or removing your stains and getting back your beautiful smile. The teeth whitening treatment is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure to brighten and

How does invisalign work? | How much does invisalign cost in india?

The Invisalign treatment involves wearing a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten your teeth. There are no brackets or wires, nor are there any restrictions associated with metal braces. There is no need to worry about people noticing that you are wearing Invisalign aligners. They can be removed

Step-by-Step Guide to Root Canal Treatment

If you are getting your Root Canal Treatment for the first time and are apprehensive about it, especially with all the myths heard around, stop bothering and be relaxed. We will help you understand the treatment. It is also known as endodontic treatment, ‘Endo’ (inside) and ‘don’t’ (tooth). A Root

Dental Implants Cost in India: How Much Does Dental Implants Cost?

If you are looking for a solution for your missing teeth to restore your functions and your beautiful smile as before, you are right on spot. Dental implants are the one-stop solution for you. They are metal, screw-like structures that replace your missing tooth roots and artificial teeth. They appear

New Covid 19 protocols in place to prevent infection with Corona virus including history tracing , social distancing , gas sterilization, flat surface sterilization , oxygen saturation and temperature monitoring , physical barriers like head cap shoe covers gloves mask, pre procedural mouth rinse to reduce viral load, 4 to 6 air changes per hour using powerful exhaust and hepa air purifiers, PPE kits , reporstors. Patients are advised to wait in the car until the chair is free . Patients by appointment only.