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Dental Implants! As Good As Natural Teeth at Orion Dental Clinic

Tooth decay is one of the most common problems that people go through. Decayed teeth may be painful and can make you feel uncomfortable while eating. However, to treat this problem and to get rid of a decayed tooth, dental implantation is done.

But before opting for dental implants, people may doubt those artificial teeth. You may feel that they will not provide the same comfort and appearance as that of natural teeth. But if the procedure of dental implant is done at Orion Dental Clinic, then you will get the best results. You will rather start feeling more comfortable with implanted teeth than natural teeth. The patients who have undergone dental implantation are quite satisfied and highly recommend the same to others.

When to opt for dental implants?

Not all tooth decays require dental implants. If you have visited the dentist at an early stage and if the decay is not much spread, then the dentist will fix the problem.  In this case, you will be able to continue with your natural teeth.

But when your decay is severe, and if you can no more resist the pain, then replacing that tooth becomes important. While going through the procedure of dental implant at Orion Dental Clinic, you will feel comfortable. After some days of dental implantation, you will not be experiencing any kind of pain and trouble while eating. Dental treatment will ensure that you have good oral health. Therefore, in this way, the dental implant is as good as having natural teeth.

Are you eligible for a dental implant?

At present, you may or may not be eligible for a dental implant.  When you visit the clinic, the doctors will check your oral health for some factors that will determine eligibility. One of the requirements for going through a dental implant is having high bone density. When an artificial tooth is implanted, it needs to fuse with the jaw bone. This is only possible when you have a good bone density. This is the reason why the elderly, as well as children, are usually not considered eligible for a dental implant.

Apart from that, if you have any severe health diseases such as diabetes, then you may not be eligible for the same. You may also be asked to quit smoking and drinking if your health condition is not well before the dental implants. A person should be healthy and free from any health problem to be eligible for dental implants.

Maintaining Dental Implants:

Dental implants are the best solution for decayed natural teeth. To make sure that they remain as good as natural teeth, you need to maintain them. If you maintain your oral hygiene, then there will not be any harm to your implanted tooth.

You also need to be careful while brushing your teeth. Overbrushing can make wear away the upper layer of dental implants. If this happens, you may not get the same experience as the natural teeth. To avoid any decay and to retain their shiny appearance, you should be concerned about the toothpaste you are using to brush your teeth. Advice from the dentist can also be taken for the same. Dental implants can also be damaged and degraded by teeth clenching. You must also regularly floss your teeth. Else, the implanted tooth will start decaying and infecting again. These are some basic tips to maintain dental implants. Ensue following them for long-lasting results and to get the same experience as natural teeth.


If you want to get your dental implants as good as your natural teeth, then get it done at Orion Dental Clinic. If you are experiencing toothache for a long time, then it must not be neglected. Visit a dental clinic for a checkup. If the reason for toothache is severe tooth decay,  then there is nothing to worry about. This can be treated by dental implants.

To know whether you are eligible for dental implants or not, you shall visit the best dental implants clinic in delhi.. The doctors will examine your oral health and determine the same considering all the above-discussed factors. For enduring results, follow all the tips to keep the implanted teeth as good as natural teeth.