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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Safe teeth whitening procedures executed by professional dentists offer optimum results in a short amount of time. However, no matter how often you brush your teeth, some pesky yellow tones may affect your confidence. Nobody wants to attract attention for their pearly yellows. 

Ageing may also result in yellowish teeth. Certain foods and drinks, along with lifestyle factors, can also discolour your teeth. Nowadays, people mainly seek professional teeth whitening services to brighten their smiles. 

Performed under the supervision of the dentist, teeth whitening will offer you better results. Teeth whitening is one of the most desired procedures for patients. Numerous people retain their teeth for their entire life. Therefore, it is no surprise that they want to take the best possible care of them. Here are some essential aspects to know about teeth whitening.  

Significance of Enamel Safe Teeth Whitening

The enamel of your tooth plays a crucial role in good oral hygiene. The enamel is responsible for protecting the inner layers of your tooth from everyday drinks and food. Unfortunately, tooth enamel is hard to restore when it gets worn away. 

If you want to achieve whiter teeth, it is essential to protect your teeth in the process. Professional dentists deploy the best procedures to whiten your teeth without damaging the enamel. Whitening agents like bleach or strips may severely affect the enamel of your teeth. Opting for professional consultation is crucial to protect your teeth.   

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Tooth Discoloration- Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Stains 

Before undergoing a tooth whitening session, you should know about intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Extrinsic stains are those that appear on your teeth’s surface. Certain types of food items, tobacco, and alcohol cause extrinsic stains. Superficial extrinsic stains are minor. 

Your dentist can easily remove them with prophylactic dental cleaning. If you have stubborn extrinsic stains, your dentist will eliminate them with advanced teeth whitening procedures.   

Intrinsic stains form on your teeth’s interiors. Intrinsic stains may form because of ageing, trauma, and exposure to minerals. Even excessive exposure to fluoride may result in the formation of intrinsic stains. Nowadays, cosmetic dentistry procedures may remove intrinsic stains with advanced procedures. In case all teeth whitening procedures fail, your dentist may recommend you to opt for veneers.   

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What does Safe Teeth Whitening Entail?

Professional and in-clinic teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in today’s world. In-clinic teeth whitening happens in carefully monitored settings. Experienced and skilled dentists will supervise the entire teeth whitening process to help you achieve a brighter smile. 

Professional dentists also leverage advanced and high concentrations of bleaching gel to remove plaque. Some of the main advantages of professional teeth whitening are as follows. 

  • It offers you faster results 
  • Dentists use clinically-certified bleaching agents that are safe 
  • Tooth and gum sensitivity is more manageable 
  •  Dentists leverage desensitisers like potassium nitrate to offer holistic results

Safe Way to Whiten Teeth– Top Things to expect 

Teeth whitening in the clinic is not a complicated procedure. Moreover, it is a painless procedure when performed by the right dentist. The overall procedure may take anywhere from sixty minutes to ninety minutes. Here are some standard steps that every professional dentist will implement during teeth whitening. 

  • Before commencing the procedure, the dentist will note the current shade of your teeth. 
  • The dentist will polish your teeth with pumice to eliminate plaque. 
  • The dentist will place gauze to keep your teeth dry. In most cases, dentists may use retractors to keep your lips, tongue, and cheeks away from the bleaching solution. 
  • A barrier would be placed along the gumline to secure it from the whitening solution. 
  • The professional dentist would coat your teeth with the whitening solution on the front area. The whitening solution contains hydrogen peroxide. 
  • A safe way to whiten teeth is to direct curing light or laser to activate the peroxide. Once applied, the dentist will ensure that the solution stays intact for at least an hour. 
  • After achieving complete whitening, the dentist will rinse your teeth. They will also apply a fluoride solution to relieve symptoms of tooth sensitivity. 
  • You may have to visit the dentist’s clinic for follow-up visits. 

After the procedure, you may be unable to consume food items and beverages with higher pigment levels. Therefore, it is also essential to avoid smoking or drinking to get the best results. 

What Kind of Stains does Best Safe Teeth Whitening Remove?

In-clinic and professional teeth whitening services can remove numerous stains. Here is the list of some of them. 

  • Professional teeth whitening can remove stains associated with ageing. Over time, teeth may develop a yellowish or brownish tinge. Note that dentists can easily remove yellowish stains from your teeth with advanced procedures.  
  • In-clinic teeth whitening can eliminate stains emanating from alcohol, coffee, tobacco usage, etc. 
  • If stains in your teeth are a result of consuming dark-coloured vegetables and fruits. 

Who is not the Best Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

You are not an ideal candidate for the best safe teeth whitening procedure if you’ve the following conditions. 

  • The sensitivity of the tooth and gum may prevent you from undergoing teeth whitening. To avoid this issue, your dentist may suggest using bleaching trays for teeth whitening at home. 
  • If you have deep and stubborn stains, your dentist may recommend alternatives like veneers, crowns, or bonding. 
  • If you have teeth that are transparent, you may not be a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. 

Professional teeth whitening goes deep into your tooth. Dentists use advanced procedures to eliminate both intrinsic and extrinsic stains. Note that not all teeth are the same shade of white. Therefore, it is essential to seek suggestions from a reputed and professional dentist. In addition, trying teeth whitening procedures may damage your gums and teeth. 

If you are looking for a quick way to sport a bright smile, contact Orion Orthodontic & Dental Care. Dr Anupam Sinha at Orion Orthodontic & Dental Care will execute various procedures for safe teeth whitening. The highly qualified team of dentists will help you achieve the perfect smile makeover.  

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