Migraines Caused due to Irregular Bite :Treatment of  Migraine Delhi

Most people are Unaware that Migraine can be caused due to irregular bite( The manner in which the upper and lower teeth meet one another) . If you have a Migraine that is severe in the morning when you get up( Morning Headaches) but tends to gradually reduce as the day progresses then these can be related to muscle soreness. These migraines can be spreading from the eyes to the temples and to the back of the head above and behind the ears.

A lot of people are trying to get treatment of migraine in delhi using various methods but most people are unaware of the fact that prolonged traumatic stimulus to the muscles of mastication can lead to issues leading to migraines.

Image of woman having migraine lying in bed
Morning Headaches In Delhi/ Treatment of Migraines Delhi

Sometimes these migraines can also be associated with Pain in Muscles of the jaws and the Joint of the jaw. These pains need a through evaluation of the bite. After this the records of the bite can be taken to evalute which are the offending teeth. The treatment usually invoves one or a combination of all the following methods.

  1. Grinding of a few cusps (equilibration)
  2. Removal of an offending tooth if its a wisdom tooth
  3. Crowning of a few teeth
  4. Replacement of Missing teeth
  5. Medicine therapy