Metallic/ Ceramic Orthodontic Treatment

When considering correcting irregularly positioned teeth (teeth forwardly placed, crooked teeth, gaps/spaces between teeth), moving teeth into the correct position with orthodontic treatment (commonly referred to as “braces”) is a permanent way of achieving great results while leaving your natural teeth intact and healthy.

Orthodontic treatment traditionally involves the use of brackets (braces) on the outer portion of your teeth which are connected with a wire that helps align your teeth for a perfect smile. ?�Presently teeth alignment can be brought about with braces behind teeth and lately, even without wearing braces at all! Orthodontic treatment can be achieved in any of the following ways:

Brackets/Braces on the front portion of teeth:

Metal braces- These are regular Metallic braces made of stainless steel and are plated on the outer aspect of the teeth. They are an efficient Orthodontic treatment modality. They do have a metallic show but are ideal for patients in the teenage for carrying out orthodontic treatment.

Ceramic braces– These are white in color and are again placed on the outer surface of the teeth. Due to the white color of the ceramic braces, they get somewhat camouflaged against the color of the teeth.


Brackets/Braces on the back portion of teeth:

Lingual Braces
No Brackets/Braces at all

Clearpath?� aligners
Invisalign?� aligners
Treatment options ‘B’ and ‘C’ are also known as “Invisible Braces” as the brackets and aligners are not visible at all.

Orthodontic treatment is a painless procedure. The initial appointment to place the brackets usually takes about 40-60 mins, and after that, a patient needs to visit the center approximately once every month for about a 15 min appointment in which the wires or elastics are changed and treatment progress is noted. The duration of treatment varies depending on the severity of misalignment of teeth but is roughly about 4-6 months for very simple cases, and possibly 9-18 months for more challenging cases.

The in-house Orthodontist in Delhi at Orion Orthodontic & Dental Care Centre Greater Kailash 1 is Dr. Anupam Sinha with vast experience at treating patients using both regular Labial alliances as well as Lingual Braces and he is certified with Invisalign Technique.