Implant-Supported Dentures in Greater Kailesh 1 (GK1) Delhi

Tooth loss may cause many dental problems, like the shifting of adjacent teeth, chewing problems, and bad aesthetics. Such issues, dentistry has come a long way, with advances like implants, veneers, and many such. So, for the replacement of missing teeth, implants supported witness dentures to be the best alternative to traditional dentures. 

Are you seeing a missing tooth? Or have one or more? Cases in which more than one tooth is missing and who want good aesthetics, and cost-effective treatment, are recommended for implant-supported dentures. 

So, if you will have one, Orion dental care should be your prime choice as it is the best clinic to get yourself treated with the best doctors and with cost-effective treatment. 

What are the Implant-supported Dentures?

An implant-supported denture is an advanced, distinctive denture that is affixed to dental implants that are placed in the jawbones of an individual. The advancement in implant-supported dentures is that the denture is supported by embedded implants and not gums, which permit the patient to chew, smile, and talk without using denture adhesives or worrying about denture slipping issues. 

What are the Materials Used for Implant-supported Dentures?

They typically make the implant screws up of titanium metal, which is placed in the jawbones of the patient in about 4 to 6 implants. The implants are then left for proper healing before the affixation of the permanent crown. 

Two basic kinds of implant-supported dentures are:

  • Bar-keep Dentures
  • Ball-keep Dentures 

Advantage of Implant-supported Dentures over traditional dentures

The implant-supported dentures are assessed to be the best option for replacing your missing teeth, whether it’s for the first time or you are switching from the traditional one. 

The implant-supported dentures have various advantages over traditional dentures, such as the implant-supported dentures:- 

  • Enhance speech and confidence
  • Reduce irritation of gums
  • Better ability to chew and perform other oral functions
  • More comfortable 
  • Unlike traditional dentures, it does not require any denture adhesives
  • It can fix TMJ disorders or pain in the jaw occurring because of the multiple missing teeth


The eligible individuals for implant-supported dentures are individuals who have missing teeth or teeth that are immensely destroyed or decayed beyond the limitations of other restoration other than extraction. It will also need individuals to have sufficient bone mass to endorse a dental implant or will go through a bone graft to build up a deficiency of bone mass.

What Do We Recommend?

The Orion dental care incorporates developed technology and creation to deliver maximum comfort, chewing capacity, and the best fit achievable with the tiniest discomfort to the patient. 

Orion dental care can develop dentures that are the replica of the patient’s biological teeth in appearance and feel. We guarantee it retains an authentic smile and the appearance of the patient. To ensure such results, we use recent advances and technologies along with the finest dental materials in creating the denture that fits best. 

How Much Do Implant-supported Dentures Cost?

According to the data, on average, implant-keep dentures with two dental implants cost between $1,500 to $4, 500 or more. The cost for a single-tooth bridge is relatively less than multiple-tooth bridges. 

For more details, book your appointment now with Orion dental care today for a better experience and desired results. 

What factors influence the Cost of Implant-supported dentures?

Several factors impact the cost of an implant-supported surgical process. These factors include:

  • Quality Material used in the replaced teeth. 
  • The experienced and skilled doctor
  • Number of implants placed in the jawbone 
  • Any preparatory systems required bone grafts, and augmentation. 
  • Type of implants used
  • Cost of sedation dentistry (if elected)

Are implant-supported Dentures Worth the Investment?

There are many benefits of implant-supported dentures, and indeed it is the treatment worth the investment. Its longevity is much more than that of traditional dentures. 


Orion dental care is one of the best Dental implant clinics in Delhi Greater Kailesh, providing all the treatments in one place at an affordable price, with excellent results and good rapport. 

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