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Dental Implants In India: Types of Dental Implants in India

Dental Implant in India is a form of permanent tooth replacement created to look like a natural tooth. Dental implants are a great choice if you are concerned about missing teeth and looking forward to improving your smile. 

An implant is a small but very sturdy screw made of titanium, which is drilled into the jaw. The parts blend well with the jaw as bio-friendly medical-grade materials are used in the process. After the blending process is completed, a dental prosthesis such as a crown is placed. 

Various types of dental implants in India are available according to specific needs.

Orion Clinic provides the opportunity to get one of the best dental implants in India. We have various choices and your dentist will suggest the best choice for you

When a dental crown is placed over the top of the exposed area of the implant, the look is completely natural and becomes functional as a normal tooth. Dental implants are not just for aesthetic purposes and serve for other purposes too, including:

  1. Smile and appearance 
  • The loss of even a single tooth can lower your confidence level. When this happens, it may cause a lot of stress that affects your work, personal and social life. It does take a toll on your emotional health.

The types of dental implants in India depend on your need and dental condition. Your dental team will help you to make the best choice.

  1. Oral health
  • Every single tooth is important to maintain dental integrity. Even when one of them is lost, it impedes normal dental function. When a tooth is lost, the neighboring teeth tilt and shift from their normal position to fill the gap. This may happen even with activities such as normal biting or chewing. 
  1. Ease of movement

When all our teeth are intact, we may never realize what it is to miss a single tooth. Regular activities that we often take for granted such as speaking, biting, and chewing, may prove to be arduous tasks if we lose teeth. Owing to this, a lot of people stop eating their favorite foods which may cause nutritional imbalance or deficiency.
Although there are several types of dental implants in India, choosing the right one based on your need and the dental condition is critical

Table of Contents

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1. Replacing a single tooth – Use a single dental implant

  • A single dental implant is a procedure that is useful in replacing a single tooth. 
  • When a tooth is lost due to injury, age, or any other condition, this procedure is a good choice.
  • This procedure will help in replacing the lost tooth in its entirety, from the root to the crown.
  • If you have only one or two missing teeth, then a single dental implant along with tooth restoration is the best choice to retain the structure and functionality.

How is it done?

The process of a single dental implant involves the following steps:

  1. In the first step, the implant or the dental screw is surgically placed inside the jaw.
  2. The screw uses a titanium alloy that is bio-friendly and blends with the bone tissue of the jaw.
  3. After it is placed in position, it amalgamates with the bone structure.
  4. The process of amalgamation permits it to form an anchorage for the new implant. 
  5. This may take a period of about 3–6 months.
  6. This interim period can be covered by using a temporary dental replacement over the implant.
  7. The second step involves the attachment of an abutment that secures the place of an implant.
  8. The abutment serves as the base on which the dental prosthesis will hold itself.
  9. The gums heal well after a couple of weeks after which the crown is placed.
  10. Some dental implants do not require a second step and come fitted with an abutment.
  11. Depending on your condition, your periodontist will decide the right choice for you.

Advantages of single dental implants

  • A single dental implant is more beneficial than a dental bridge.   
  • It maintains the integrity and health of the neighboring tooth.
  • Single dental implants replace the root of the tooth. 
  • Single tooth implants keep the jaw bone structure intact.
  • The bio-friendly material used in single dental implants integrates well with the jaw bone. 
  • Over time, gums may recede around the dental implants. 
  • When the gums recede, the metal part of the dental bridge may be exposed.
  • The cement that holds the bridge may wash out, predisposing the tooth to decay.
  • Single dental implants are a better choice economically and aesthetically in the long run.

Postoperative instructions

Following the procedure, it is very important to follow the instructions from your dental expert team. These include:

  1. Stop driving for at least 24 hours.
  2. Leave the implant undisturbed for the first 2 weeks.
  3. Slight bleeding may be present.
  4. You will be given a damp gauze to bite on for about 45 minutes.
  5. The pressure will stop the bleeding.
  6. Limit yourself to soft foods and avoid chewing on the same side. 
  7. Your gums and face may appear swollen.
  8. Apply ice packs for about 20 minutes on and off to reduce swelling.
  9. Take pain medication and antibiotics as advised.

When choosing the various types of dental implants in India available to you, a dentist would be the best choice to make the decision.

2.Replacing several teeth – Use an implant-supported bridge

  • An implant-supported bridge is similar to a traditional dental bridge, but it employs titanium screw portions for support. In a traditional bridge, dental crowns are used for support. 
  • This is a very viable option for those who have multiple missing teeth and prefer fixed dental prostheses.
  • The length of the bridge will depend upon the number of teeth that need support.
  • Implant-supported bridges are a permanent fixed solution to missing teeth.
  • They bridge the dental gap and enable them to restore the structure and function.
  • Every single crown that is within the bridge may or may not require an implant.
  • Implant-supported bridges may require just one or multiple implants.
  • Most often, even if multiple implants are required, they can be fixed in the same appointment.

How is it done?

  1. The first step is to consult a periodontist who will determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure.
  2. A dental examination is carried out and a few X-rays of the jaw are taken to determine the type of bridge required.
  3. An impression of the gums and teeth is taken to ensure the right fit of the bridge.
  4. A color sample is also taken to make sure that the prosthesis has the most natural look.
  5. The specifications are sent to the dental laboratory for the preparation of the bridge.
  6. Once the dental appliance is ready, there is a fitting appointment. 
  7. The fitting is carried out after applying a local anesthetic to the area.
  8. The underlying teeth are cleaned and fixed with cement.
  9. The bridge may be uncomfortable at first, but it gets better with time.
  10. You will be asked to bite and sometimes the bridge may require a few adjustments.

The advantages of an implant-supported bridge include:

  • They resemble natural teeth very closely.
  • An implant-supported bridge lets you eat and speak as usual.
  • The structural integrity of the nearby teeth is not compromised.
  • It prevents loss of bone and maintains the jaw structure.
  • It averts loosening and damage to the neighboring tooth.
  • It helps to restore your natural smile.
  • It helps to retain the dimensions of the face and cheek.
  • It is cost-effective as compared to a traditional bridge.
  • It improves oral health and prevents further deterioration.

After you are fitted with implant-supported bridges, you need to follow certain post-care instructions:

  • Avoid chewing hard substances such as bones and shells.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene to retain the fit and function of the bridge.
  • Avoid chewing on sticky foods that might pull away from your bridge.
  • Stay away from tobacco and smoking.
  • Clean under your bridge using a flosser to prevent debris build-up in those areas.
  • Brush at least twice a day.
  • Always remember to floss at least once a day.
  • Maintain regular follow-up visits with your dentist.
  • Include the right amount of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Do not chew on caramel, ice, etc., to avoid damage to the dental bridge.

Even though different types of dental implants in India are available, getting the right one is integral to oral health and functioning.

3. Replacing all your teeth – Use an implant-retained denture

The thought of losing all the teeth can be very scary and embarrassing for anyone. Thankfully, there is a way to replace all your teeth – if you are willing to consider it. Sometimes, with age, your teeth may become cracked and cause a bad toothache. There may be cases where a person has lost all or most of his teeth as a result of injury, decay or other reasons.

Such people may be the right candidate for full dental replacement. The type of replacement will depend upon the oral condition. It is important to consult a periodontist who will examine the right method of tooth replacement or prosthesis for you.

Nowadays, dental replacements have provided a number of choices. Replacement choices vary from traditional dentures, full mouth implant-supported bridges to traditional bridges. 

If you are considering dental implants for a full mouth, then full arch dental implants may be a good choice. These implants are permanently fixed onto the jaw and are a good choice for a permanent replacement. 

If maintained well, they can last years and provide full support and maintain the jaw structure.

How is it done?

  • An initial dental assessment includes detailed history taking, oral examination, etc.
  • X-rays and a CT scan of the mouth are taken to assess the bone and jaw suitability for dental implants.
  • Any teeth that remain will need to be removed to make space for full-mouth dental implants.
  • Usually, all-on-4, that is, two implants in the front and two at the back are put in. 
  • The number of implants may differ according to individual conditions.
  • After preparation of the area following proper disinfection, impressions from different angles are taken to fix the framework.
  • Depending on the type of implants, one stage or two stages, a separate dental abutment may be needed.
  • If placed, the abutment is fixed onto the top of the implant.
  • The impressions are labeled and sent to the dental laboratory in order to customize your dental bridge.
  • Once your customized dental bridge is ready, you will need to visit the periodontist.
  • The new bridge will be placed on top of the implants. 
  • The bridge provides the basic skeleton for the implants.
  • Once the dental implants gel well with the bone tissue, a crown is placed on top to complete the look.
  • You will be asked to bite and see how comfortable you get with time over some time.
  • Minor adjustments may be needed to get your implant comfortable.

The advantages of a full mouth dental implant are:

  • It saves you the trouble of having to take off your dentures, clean and put them on.
  • On a long-term basis, it makes sense to get a full-mouth dental implant rather than multiple individual dental implants covering each missing tooth.
  • They maintain the structural integrity of the jaw. 
  • There is no risk of loose dentures or their maintenance.
  • Dental implants function just like natural teeth.
  • The choice of foods that you can enjoy greatly expands when you have dental implants.
  • It takes a while to complete, but it is all worth it in the long run.
  • It helps to maintain oral health and prevent deficiency.
  • It offers the benefit of permanent dental replacements and easy maintenance. 
  • Implants have a pretty long life and are made to last a lifetime.
  • They keep and maintain the bone structure and prevent resorption and deterioration.

You must keep the following points in mind when you get a full mouth implant:

  1. Avoid intake of hot foods and liquids.
  2. Do not have spicy items for a few days.
  3. Use medication and antibiotics to prevent infection.
  4. Slight bleeding may be managed by applying pressure.
  5. Swelling and a little pain with discomfort are expected.
  6. Be gentle while brushing.
  7. Allow it some time to feel comfortable – especially with speaking and eating.
  8. Stick to having soft foods until the area heals completely.
Dental Implants In India

4. Questions you should ask your dentist before a dental implant?

  • What is a dental implant?
  • What is the kind of dental implant that is right for you?
  • What are the advantages and points to note before getting an implant?
  • How are dental implants better than dentures?
  • Are you the right candidate for dental implants?
  • What special instructions do you need to follow to make it last a long time?


Dental implants are a great choice for people concerned about their missing teeth. Consider the option of getting one after making sure with your doctor that it is right for you with the best dentist in Delhi, at Orion clinic. Filling a missing tooth with a dental implant can be one of your life-changing decisions. Visit Orion Clinic for a comprehensive dental implant and get the best dental care.

Why You Should Choose Our Clinic For Your Dental Implants

Dental implants are analogous to placing a gem to beautify the ornament that needs to be fixed carefully with precise technique, assisted by the latest technology and performed by artists like implant specialists. A smile helps connect people and teeth are an asset for a beautiful smile. Dental implants of a missing tooth or a set of teeth can enhance one’s valuable smile, and helps improve the way of life for many. While one aspect you acquire a graceful smile, on the other hand the strong prosthetics used help improve your chewing and digestive abilities in turn improving your overall health status.

For all the added values of a successful implant, choosing the right dental implants clinic in Delhi for this very process while taking care of your varied requirements is necessary. This article opens up a review book of why you can count on us for this everlasting experience called Dental implant treatment.

Table of Contents :-

Feel free to skip ahead if one topic catches your eye:

  1. Factors to Consider while Selecting a Dental Implant Clinic
  2. Why Choose Orion Dental Care?

Take Away

1. Factors to Consider While Selecting a Dental Implant Clinic :-

Like any other field of medicine, dentistry too is steadily advancing into technical usage of prosthetics and implants that is widely accepted by people all over the world. While dentists everywhere are building up their skills in implant specialization, people need to be aware of the varied aspects to choose the right implant clinic and specialists for a quality implant procedure. The conditions that are important while choosing a dental implant clinic are:

Dental Implant Specialist : Dental implant specialists are Implantologist who specialize in handling dental prosthetics. It is important for one to find a good implantologist who has enough experience and has in depth knowledge of his expertise. The following points need to be considered.

  • Specialists who carry out an implant procedure are well qualified and have a good amount of experience.
  • Publications, research articles related to implantology, published in Indian or International journals, with any accolades won would compliment the qualification attained.
  • Additional certifications and international recognition is an added advantage.
  • Well trained and well updated with the latest techniques, and having less failure rates in implants also needs to be considered.

The implant surgeons are like architects of our dental issues, they need to precisely and promptly take us through the whole procedure with utmost patience, care and empathy.

  • The Team of Dentists / Other specialists : The success of any implant depends not only on the implantologist but a whole team of specialists who coordinate together while performing a dental implant. Dental implants involve other procedures like periodontal gum strengthening, anesthetic requirements, bone grafting, root canal treatment, surgeries, radiological procedures, and many more. While deciding the clinic, a check on the various aspects of the implant procedures done efficiently at a single clinic by a team of dedicated specialists is a must.
  • Laboratory and Infrastructure : Every dental implant procedure requires a good lab infrastructure because of the extensive lab work involved in it. Having state-of-the-art technology and updated tools, equipment, digital machinery in a well infrastructured lab would be an ideal lookout for a dental implant clinic. An in-house laboratory with 3D and latest digital technologies will support and provide an efficient, qualitative and absolute treatment. 
  • Hygiene standards and Protocols : Oral treatments and hygiene go hand in hand.  A clinic should follow high quality standards of hygiene with up-to-date certifications as well. Following appropriate sterilization protocols and maintaining adequate sanitization around will help improve the standards of the clinic and also the success rates of the implants and other treatments they provide.
  • Cost of Dental Implant : Costs of dental implants in India vary on a variety of factors such as types of dental implants, other assisted procedures, etc. Though these costs vary, the clinic you are looking for must be able to provide an estimated cost for all the protocols and procedures followed in an implant to help you choose the best of the treatment and techniques followed accordingly.
  • Reviews, Testimonials & References : A good clinic with an updated website and its features and facilities will definitely provide you with a review that can be searched via platforms like google and other search engines. These reviews speak a lot in itself about the overall view of the clinic. Even the dentist in the clinic can give you his hand book of feedback and reviews or even references that would help decide a satisfying dental implant clinic.
  • Travel and Accommodation Assistance for International Patients : An additional feature of an ideal clinic would be provision of travel assistance, accommodation facilities for patients travelling from abroad. In case, you are travelling for an Implant, your clinic can assist you with the visa formalities, travel hurdles and accommodation accordingly to make your stay and implant treatment a convenient one.

A well established clinic will make provisions for all the above requirements of a dental implant. Keeping in mind the fulfillment of the above aspects and your requirements, you can consider choosing the best dental implants clinic in Delhi.

types of Dental Implants


2. Why Choose Orion Dental Care?

Orion dental care has always been at the forefront to provide you the best services in dental care. We undoubtedly will ensure the highest patient satisfaction and want to announce the dental implant success rate of more than 99%.

Our team of implantologists, and other dental specialists work together tirelessly to handle and manage any hurdle that hampers the odds of a successful implant. We introduce the below following features and facilities that would assist our patients in a dental implant and help maintain a high success implant rate.

  • Technology Updation : Advanced dentistry involves a variety of science and technological concepts. Updating our clinic with these latest and advanced technology is our priority. We specialize in various fields of dentistry such as, Endodontic dentistry, prosthodontic treatment, cosmetic dentistry, oral pathology, orthodontic treatment, radiology, etc.  Every technology that supports different needs of dentistry is well established with the latest digital advancements and an in-house digital X-ray machine that assists advanced dental implant.
  • Infrastructure: Dental implants are structured with extensive lab work and our in-house laboratories are well fabricated with the equipment and tools that are modern and standardized. Our laboratory has excellent technical support not only from India, but from Sweden and Japan as well. This helps us keep our techniques and standards on par with other countries. Our infrastructure and modern machinery include 3D data fusion methods for creation of multibody dental and ortho dental models from CBCT images. These digital models provide a 3D perspective treatment planning and understandable diagnosis that help effective implant upheld with the latest technology.
  • Pre and Post treatment care: A complete dental implant procedure includes pre and post treatment care that needs to be taken care of. Pre surgical procedures and diagnosis is done precisely with laboratory services and assisted digital X rays.

Guided surgery is performed that enables minimal invasion and less post surgery discomforts.  Post surgical steps i.e the final teeth fabrication uses techniques such as face bow transfers that are done accurately for patient convenience. Pre and post procedure care is immense to help proper healing and complete amalgamation of the metal post into the gum and bone structure. Every step is crucial and well taken care of at the best dental implants clinic in Delhi.

  • Extra assistance for patients with associated problems : Patients with diabetes, stunts, cardiac problems like pacemakers, kidney related issues, etc generally require a holistic approach towards treatment which is not compromised at our clinic. We ensure every patient with comorbid conditions is provided with the required support and assistance for a safe and effective implant.
  • On board anesthetist : Dental surgery involves a sedation process. An anesthetist is always available for medical management and monitoring during surgery. Sometimes, Even conscious sedation is administered in case of anxious patients. Ensuring proper sedation helps reduce pain and relieve discomforts during implant procedures.
  • Overseas Support for International patients: We also provide extra help and support with medical vacation arrangements that can be done for our international patients who travel across for a dental implant. We not only endow a treatment plan but also guide our patients from abroad on various travel needs like visa support, ticket booking, transport services, accommodation guidance, etc.
  • Excellent Reviews: Every patient is important for us and our individual patient care and concern is unconditional. This is well proven by our patient review or feedback both from India and overseas which encourages us to provide world class facilities and helps us upgrade our norms of treatment procedures.
  • Tailored treatment : Every dental implant is unique and has its own set of requirements. Tailoring a patient specific treatment catering to his / her individual needs is our primary objective.
  • Hygiene Standards: Dentistry requires certain specifications of hygiene to be maintained and we make sure to maintain high hygiene protocols with updated certification as well. Our dental implant clinic in Delhi has a four chair set up in a 1600 sq ft area with enough spacing between the individual cabins, the reception and the waiting area that eliminates crowding of patients.
  •  Specialists consultation: We have patients abroad as well, our specialists and staff are always available for help and 24*7 emergency services. We do have specialist support and consultations on various digital platforms including video calls and conference calls.
  • Expertised team : Along with Implantologists, a wide range of specialists like orthodontologist, radiologist, periodontologist, oral maxillofacial specialist, prosthodontists, etc, work together during the implant procedure. Our highly skilled and well qualified specialists cater every facet of the dental implant with utmost care, patience and precision.

We aim to achieve quality treatment par excellence. This is done by ensuring the above facilities are run round the clock for our valued customers. Our team at Orion dental care leave no stones unturned to provide the best dental implant experience you would wish to endure.

Take Away

Dental implants are a way to retain your smile with the entire set of your dentures intact. Earlier, dentures were removable and had a lot of safety and hygiene issues. But, owing to the modern dentistry and technology, dental implants with 3D and digital Imaging techniques have improved the quality and safety of dental implant procedures. While ensuring the technological standards, maintenance of hygiene and exclusive patient oriented care are extra valued services that an ideal dental implants clinic in Delhi would endow. Every step of the implant needs utmost precision and experienced specialists can heed the requirements of each stage of the implant with diligence and perfection. For all the memorable experiences of high quality dental implants you can always rely on Orion Dental Care.

At Orion Dental Care Center, we bestow the best dental implant treatment that is well performed and handled by our expertised team of specialists, well assisted by the in-house laboratory, and latest digital machinery, well established by our personalized treatment care and facilities with extra assistance for your every need of a prudent and successful dental implant.

New Covid 19 protocols in place to prevent infection with Corona virus including history tracing , social distancing , gas sterilization, flat surface sterilization , oxygen saturation and temperature monitoring , physical barriers like head cap shoe covers gloves mask, pre procedural mouth rinse to reduce viral load, 4 to 6 air changes per hour using powerful exhaust and hepa air purifiers, PPE kits , reporstors. Patients are advised to wait in the car until the chair is free . Patients by appointment only.