The temporo-mandibular joint derangement(TMD -Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction) can often lead to the following symptoms of the jaws.

  1. Pain in the Joints
  2. Pain in the forehead
  3. Pain in the temples going backward
  4. Pain in the eyes or behind the eyes
  5. Locking of the mouth on wide opening
  6. Limited opening of the mouth
  7. Early morning headaches
  8. Pain in the neck region
  9. Pain in the shoulders
  10. Difficulty in chewing
  11. Clicking or popping of the joints
  12. Reduced mouth opening
  13. Sensitivity issues in the teeth
  14. Aching teeth looseness or soreness
  15. Buzzing in the ears
  16. Vertigo
  17. Dizziness  

Sometimes the solution to these issues can be a minor problem like a wisdom tooth that’s causing the lower jaws to close in an improper fashion or it could even be an over sized crown.

More often than not these are chronic problems which intensify over  a period of time and require and occlusion evaluation to determine if there are any irregular contacts between the teeth. These irregular contacts can lead to the muscles getting strained or the tendons which hold the cartilage(shock absorber) of the joints to slip over the joints leading to clicking or popping .

At Orion Orthodontic and Dental care Centre  Dr Anupam Sinha who is a trained Orthodontist and a Tmj specialist deling with pain of the Tmj in Delhi.

Treatment may involve 

  1. Adjustment of the teeth 
  2. Splints 
  3. Muscle Relaxants 
  4. Anxiety Medication 
  5. Oral Physiotherapy/ Exercises