Invisalign Invisible braces or aligners / Clear Path Aligners /K line Aligners

All these are dental aligners which are alternatives to regular dental braces and are used to bring teeth movement so that we can bring about Orthodontic correction. The dentist makes a set of moulds and regular diagnostic records (Photos+ X-rays) which are sent to the respective company.

The impressions are then scanned by the company any a set of sequential aligners are made. These may range from 10 sets to 25 sets depending upon the complexity of the case. The patient is provided with these aligners at the beginning of treatment. These aligners are numbered so that they don’t get mixed up. Each set of aligners is worn for a period of two weeks. Once you finish wearing one set of aligners you move on to the next set.

It is recommended for the treatment of mild to moderate cases. Severe orthodontic problems usually do not get completely corrected using these aligners.




Invisalign in Delhi



It is recommended for patient who is conscious of wearing dental braces due to their occupation or otherwise. These aligners can be removed for a short period for social functions etc and are quite inconspicuous even when in use. In our experience patients are very comfortable as they offer an option of having Invisible braces kind of option whereas still bringing about movement of teeth to get the desired results.